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Grandma Hammond’s 90th Birthday

Eight years ago my nephew was born on my Grandma’s 82nd birthday. Basically from that day on my sister started planning a combined 90th birthday party for Grandma and Grandpa and a baptism for Victor on March 15, 2014 in … Continue reading

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Four baby thoughts

Peter takes about an hour to put Henry to bed. Based on the noises coming from Henry’s room, I think it’s about 55 minutes of playing and 5 minutes of saying goodnight. I love to watch Henry scoot around on … Continue reading

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Four thoughts

I’m a friendly neighbor, but I am suspicious of overly friendly neighbors. I have a messy closet. My house is very organized, except for one closet. I’ve been throwing all my loose ends in that closet since we moved here, … Continue reading

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Great things about Texas

We have almost five times the square footage in Texas than we had in Cambridge for about the same price. Parking is free. Even downtown. SO many places have drive-through. Every restaurant offers you a to-go cup when you leave. … Continue reading

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Five thoughts

I just cleaned up my facebook friend list. So much better. I really want to love cinnamon swirl bread, but I just don’t. I’m always left disappointed. I expect sweet bread, but it’s never sweet enough. Utah is so beautiful. … Continue reading

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Five TV thoughts

Growing Up Fisher: Not bad. It’s sort of a cute show, but it seems a lot like The Goldbergs, and I like the Goldbergs better. I’ll keep watching though. About a Boy: I really liked the first episode, but the … Continue reading

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Five thoughts

Bath and Body Works discontinued their antibacterial handsoap. Their new formula isn’t as good, it makes my hands feel dry and doesn’t seem as concentrated. It’s also more expensive. I’m so disappointed. What kind of soap will I use now??? … Continue reading

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