The Bachelor — The Women Tell All

Peter and I re-watched last week’s episode (the overnight dates episode where Andi leaves). Re-watching it made me sort of dislike Andi. The whole scene between Andi and JP made Andi seem like a crazy person.

I think that Andi had a bad time in the fantasy suite, and then spent two days thinking of every single reason it wouldn’t work with JP. When she confronted him, she was prepared to argue her specific points and give him every reason/example why it could never work out between them. She obviously was not anticipating JP’s response, “Ess ok”, and it straight up ticked her off. She was prepared to argue, he wasn’t biting, so she argued anyway. I do understand the feeling of wanting to say your piece, but she could have shown a little class and just taken his dismissal (“Ess ok”) for what it was, and left.

For example: Andi was utterly hurt and offended that JP never asked about her religion and her political views. She took this as a sign of him not respecting her or caring for her. Did she ever think that maybe that was a sign of a person who doesn’t care about religion or politics? He wasn’t being rude, he just doesn’t care enough about those things to talk about them. No biggie. He’s from a totally different world than she is, and that “offended” and “hurt” her??? Relax, Andi. She should have realized they were too different, and left without being petty and feeling she had to have the last word.

I do think a lot of their conversation was a language barrier. Until you’ve learned a different language, I really don’t think you can fully grasp what “language barrier” means. Learning vocabulary is the easy part. Actually KNOWING a second language is really, really tough, and it’s a lifelong pursuit. We’ve seen time and time again that JP isn’t great at English. Speaking English is a lot more than just stringing together a bunch of English words, people. I don’t think any of them were prepared for what it would be like to be married to someone who didn’t share their first language.

I wanted Andi to be the Bachelorette, but I think to be the Bachelor/Bachelorette you need to be a reasonable person, or the season is no fun to watch. Andi might not be as sensible as I originally thought, and might not make the best Bachelorette.

Ok, on to tonight’s episode, The Women Tell All.

Here are my thoughts, in the order I had them as I watched the show.

  • WHOA! Not sure why everyone is so mad at JP for not digging deeper. He’s not a deep person. He doesn’t care what kind of pizza you like, what your religion is, or what your favorite color is. He cares how hot you look in your dress, how much fun you have together, and how sweet you will be with his daughter. That is JP. If you don’t like it, go home.
  • Alli felt “stabbed in the heart” when JP asked her on two separate occasions what her five-year/three-year plan was. Um…she needs to read, “He’s Just Not That Into You”.
  • I agree that JP used his daughter as a get out of jail free card. I actually don’t think it’s that big of a deal. It’s way easier to say, “I’m not sure you’re ready to be a mom.” than, “You are annoying and your butt is too big and I want you to go home.” It’s not much different than, “It’s not you, it’s me.”
  • Renee and Sharleen are the only girls there who have any respect for JP. Hahaha!
  • Sharleen. Blah, blah, blah.
  • Andi, seriously. She is mad that JP isn’t the man she wanted him to be. Not sure why this is SO terrible. Just accept that he’s not the one for you, and move on. Jeez, girl.
  • Andi faked sleep to avoid JP? Why didn’t you just say you wanted to leave? Who does that???
  • Andi hit the nail on the head when she was explaining that he was never mean to her. She said, “I think sometimes he doesn’t think about it. It’s not that the intent [to be mean] is there, it’s just that there is no filter.” Again, not sure why she feels so offended that he has no filter. I think it’s valid for her to feel annoyed, but offended??? Doesn’t seem fair to JP.
  • I do think the comment he made about her barely making it was rude. He shouldn’t have said that.
  • I was embarrassed when Lauren H. was talking. JP was looking at her like, “Um…who are you?” Ha!
  • WHY are all these girls so upset that JP didn’t get to know them?! It’s so frustrating to watch. JP doesn’t care where you went to school, what you eat, etc. And that’s ok! I thought JP’s response of, “I wanted to see how they interact.” was really smart. Well said, JP.
  • Good for Sharleen for defending JP! Twice!
  • I’m not sure how many times I have to say it, but The Bachelor isn’t fair. It shouldn’t be fair. It will never be fair. I don’t understand going on tv to find a husband and expecting fairness??? Why do the contestants do this every season???
  • Ok, the gay comments…the day that article came out, my sister sent it to me. My immediate opinion was that it was a language barrier thing. He didn’t know what he was saying. I do think that he took his comments too far and it did get a little inappropriate/weird, but I don’t think it was malicious, and I don’t think he has any ill will towards the homosexual community. I think his lack of understanding of English tripped him up when he was on the spot with a reporter.
  • Did you notice that all the girls on Team Clare are the ones that weren’t there for very long? That says something.

I’m very surprised by my feelings after this episode! I was sorting starting to dislike JP, but I found myself defending him throughout this entire episode. I’m less of a fan of his than I was at the beginning of the season, but I absolutely don’t think he deserved all the hate he got tonight.

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