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I’M not moving

A few weeks ago I posted about our upcoming move to Basel, Switzerland. I was so excited about our adventure. I bought guide books, a German pocket dictionary, how-to-learn-German cds, new shoes, and all sorts of things for our move. … Continue reading

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Bachelor search terms

One of the stats that wordpress keeps for me is what search terms people search for and end up on my blog. In the past the search terms have been “chocolate pie” or “Portland is weird”, but since I’ve been … Continue reading

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The Bachelor — Week 9

Holla for Switzerland! Ben’s wardrobe is ridic. Zipper up the side jacket? Double-breasted beige car coat? Chunky cable knit cardigan with a fur collar? Come on, Ben. “My relationship with Nicki is getting to new heights. At the same time … Continue reading

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The Academy Awards

People who looked terrible: Brad Pitt — Aren’t we done with long hair? He’s way too old for this. Rooney Mara¬†— I can’t stand the bangs! Emma Stone — I didn’t like the pink eyeshadow and reeeeeally didn’t like the … Continue reading

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The Bachelor — Week 8

See my posts on week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5, week 6, week 7. Lindzi I’m starting to think that maybe Lindzi and Ben are fairly well matched. She strikes me as the type that might have been … Continue reading

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Germs gross me out

Germs totally gross me out. The other day a woman with a skin disease (and several other ailments) gave me $1.75 of change from her purse. I put it in my pocket, walked out the door and immediately sanitized my … Continue reading

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We’re Moving!

I wrote this several weeks ago, but didn’t want to post it until we were ready to leave. Since then we’ve had a hiccup in the plan, but the hiccup deserves a post of its own. We’re moving to Basel, … Continue reading

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