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Thoughts in Europe

The first time I went to Paris (10+ years ago) I swore I’d never go back. It was July, it was hot, it was dirty, there were crowds everywhere, and everyone smelled terrible. I expected to be similarly disenchanted with … Continue reading

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Last weekend we went to Paris and Strasbourg. Have you ever wondered how many miles you walk as a tourist? I have. I used my pedometer this weekend, and now I know. Day 1 (Paris): 12.63 miles Day 2 (Paris): … Continue reading

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Charles River vs Rhine River

I can’t decide which riverside walk I prefer: the Rhine River in Basel, or the Charles River in Cambridge.

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Seven Thoughts

“You know you married a passionate person, right?” – Peter I’ve been listening to A Thousand Years and Wannabe for the past few weeks. How awesome are the Spice Girls? Isn’t it weird that John Corbett is the voice of … Continue reading

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My first days in Switzerland

I saw a grown woman put her head under the faucet in the airport bathroom to get a drink. Gross. Dinner on my flight was a cold chicken salad with feta, strawberries and walnuts. It was really delicious. Best airplane … Continue reading

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The Bachelor — Finale and ATFR

I’m still mad at Switzerland, so I can’t fully enjoy this episode. We all know that Courtney is going to win. The only reason anyone is watching tonight is to see how Lindzi reacts to the rejection, and to see … Continue reading

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Peter’s Breakfast

I am no longer worried that Peter will starve in Switzerland. He found a bakery.

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