Five thoughts

  1. Bath and Body Works discontinued their antibacterial handsoap. Their new formula isn’t as good, it makes my hands feel dry and doesn’t seem as concentrated. It’s also more expensive. I’m so disappointed. What kind of soap will I use now???
  2. Henry has become a pretty good napper! He naps just about every single day, and he usually sleeps like like 1.5 hours! Occasionally TWO hours!! It has changed my life.
  3. I really wanted a linen suit for Henry for Easter. They don’t exist! Can you believe that?? I can’t find one anywhere.
  4. I’m getting another Brazilian Blowout in about a week. I am counting down the days. I hate, hate, hate doing my hair and the blowout makes it a little less painful for a few weeks.
  5. Henry and I are going to Utah tomorrow. He will meet two cousins he’s never met! That means I haven’t seen my brother and his family for over a year!
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