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Germany vs. Italy

Last night we went to Lörrach, Germany (a 10 minute train ride) to watch the Germany/Italy game with the Germans. We sat outdoors with hundreds of other screaming Germany fans and ate bratwurst and ice cream. It was a sad … Continue reading

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Six Thoughts

The History of Rap part 2 was awesome. It brought back like 15 yeas of memories in five short minutes. Speaking of Justin, I still wish he and Britney had ended up together. Sorry for all the European vacation posts … Continue reading

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Back in 2006 when Peter and I first got married and had our whole lives perfectly planned out, we decided we would name a baby boy Maximilian and a baby girl Samantha. Perfect names for our future babies! Unfortunately, both … Continue reading

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The Bachelorette — Week 7

Did you see the cast for Bachelor Pad was announced last week? Erica Rose is back! Oh, Erica, reality tv isn’t working, go back to law school. (Yes, I said law school. Erica has been a “law student” for about … Continue reading

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Overall, London was nice and we had a nice time. Most of the bathrooms were cleaner than I expected. The food was better than I expected. I loved that everyone spoke my language. They city was clean. The bus system … Continue reading

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The Bachelorette — Week 6

Note: I’ve had several hits to my blog from people googling “Jef Holm mission”. For the sake of curious people everywhere, yes, Jef was a full-time Mormon missionary in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my husband. I’m not going to include him … Continue reading

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Groceries in Switzerland

Groceries in Switzerland are very expensive. Today I spent $55.51 (plus a 2% fee of $1.11 for using my American credit card) for the following: 8 flour tortillas: $5.36 1 package taco seasoning: $1.57 1 bag tortilla chips: $7.30 7 … Continue reading

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