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Eight Thoughts

I offered a 9-yr-old boy sitting next to me in church a stick of gum. He took four pieces, and put them all in his mouth. I hate my oven so much. I’ve been wearing black nail polish almost all … Continue reading

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Leaf peeping / Pumpkin Festival / Cookie Bars

Last weekend while Peter’s parents were in town we went leaf peeping in the White Mountains, stayed at an adorable little B&B, and spent the next day at the Keene Pumpkin Festival. The entire scene was totally charming, wonderful, yada, … Continue reading

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The proposal — part 2

See yesterday’s post for part 1 of our proposal story. Yesterday: pre-proposal background Today: the proposal (or more accurately, the anti-proposal) —- FOUR days before I was to leave for my apartment-hunting trip to Baltimore, the anti-proposal happened. It was … Continue reading

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The proposal — part 1

This is the history of our anniversaries: First Anniversary: We went back to our honeymoon spot and stayed in a gorgeous luxury suite. Second Anniversary: Embarrassing, but we forgot and did nothing. Third Anniversary: We watched an episode of House … Continue reading

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Lemon Ginger Scones

Flour is an amazing bakery down the street from me. They make THE best scones I’ve ever had. Ever. Here is the recipe for their Lemon Ginger Scones. Even Peter, who doesn’t love lemon or ginger, couldn’t get enough of … Continue reading

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Aging — Part 2

A few weeks ago I blogged about aging, and how I feel like I’m losing brain cells. Another effect of aging that I’ve noticed lately is wrinkles. After one afternoon at the beach this summer, I got particularly crispy. I … Continue reading

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Stuff I haven’t blogged about

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