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Three thoughts

I don’t like blogs that do giveaways. I saw a ton of Tech Vests in Old Navy yesterday. It was like 1999 in there! Maybe bleached tips and beaded necklaces are coming back too?? Why do people think it’s ok … Continue reading

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Black Friday

It’s only 9:58am, the trunk is packed full, and we have several hours to go. Purchases from HM, Gap, Old Navy, Express, Target, American Eagle, Banana Republic, AT Loft… It’s going to be a good day.

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Thankful — part 2

See the first fourteen things I’m grateful for. 15.  Sneakers and slippers 16.  The fact that I can carry the internet in my pocket 17.  Sales 18.  Time 19.  Makeup, my CHI, my blow dryer, etc 20.  The fact that … Continue reading

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Pie entrepreneur

I discovered a pie entrepreneur in Boston! His name is Matt and he has a business called Pie Wise Bakers. I’m crazy jealous. Get this…Matt will bake you a homemade pie of your choice (Classic Pumpkin, Southern Bourbon Pecan, Dutch … Continue reading

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Thankful — part 1

I’m sure that you’ve all seen the facebook challenge to post something you’re thankful for every day in the month of Thanksgiving. Since it’s the 14th, here are the first 14 things that I am grateful for: The backup camera … Continue reading

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Seven Thoughts

My husband carries a mechanical pencil and an eraser (like this) around in his pocket. Nerd alert! The idea of doing a craft (any craft at all) makes me want to gag. I’m so over people who think they are … Continue reading

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Reading Books

Here are my thoughts about reading books: I only like audio books, and I’m almost always in the middle of one I only like books that are like tv for my ears. If it’s not interesting enough for the big … Continue reading

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