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Henry’s name

It took us 39 weeks of pregnancy plus eight days post birth to name our baby. Naming a person is hard! We did spend a lot of time talking about it, but not as much as you’d think. We were … Continue reading

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People love babies

Until Henry was born, I had no idea how much people love babies. Everywhere I go people admire him. I literally can not go anywhere without at least one person approaching me to ask his name or comment on his … Continue reading

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Mail from Zoie and Eliza

Yesterday I got two letters in the mail. One from Zoie, and one from her twin sister Eliza. Zoie and Eliza are four years old. They had each drawn pictures of princesses for me, and each had written their name … Continue reading

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Six Thoughts

I’m seriously ticked about Google getting rid of Reader. They are saying it’s because usage is down? Is subscribing to stuff via RSS feed not a thing anymore? I thought everyone used Google Reader! I just can’t believe that. If … Continue reading

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Henry — Week 20

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Four baby thoughts

I think keeping Hank fed might be the worst part about having a baby. It’s a real drag. Hank sleeps really well at night. He’s slept through the night regularly since about week six. He sleeps about 7-9 hours, eats, … Continue reading

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TV Thoughts

I don’t really have anything to say about the Women Tell All tonight, so let’s talk about other stuff going on this season. New Girl: People are saying that the kiss between Jess and Nick will ruin the series. I … Continue reading

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