Kaitlyn The Bachelorette — Week 2

  • Britt was wearing her shoes on her hotel bed and on the sofa. Even if your in a hotel, how can you stomach putting your shoes on upholstery? Disgusting. Do any of you think that Brady and Britt were actually into each other? It was just right place right time, right???
  • Ug you know how much I hate the competition dates. I hate physical displays of who is the manliest. I did not like watching the boxing. AT ALL. I think what always makes these dates worse is when the Bachelorette keeps saying things like, “Oh! I didn’t know it was going to be like this! I feel so bad! I didn’t want anyone to get hurt!” Stop it. Remember when they made the one arm girl roller derby? Terrible.
  • Kaitlyn seems very genuine when she talks one-on-one with each guy. I like her more and more all the time.
  • Jared needs to shave. It’s so gross. He looks like a 14 year old boy who thinks he is growing a beard. It’s patchy and yucky.
  • I’m not into Justin. He wears a hemp necklace. Enough said.
  • Jared’s kiss with Kaitlyn was way better than Ben’s kiss.
  • The underwater date was fun. It was intimate, but not forced and weird. Fun.
  • Clint seems cool. I like him, but he’s pretty vanilla. I want to see more of his personality. Kaitlyn seemed comfortable and happy with him, but we haven’t heard him say much other than “ya. uh huh. for sure. yes.”
  • Amy┬áSchumer is one of my favorites. She cracks me up. She was super funny tonight! Her conversation with JJ was making us both laugh out loud.
  • I really like Chris the dentist. He seems really sweet. I can’t wait to see more of him.
  • JJ isn’t going to make it very far. He’s a real jerk. Why can’t he just let Tony be? He’s mean. Also, their kiss was the worst kiss we’ve seen this season so far.
  • JJ GOT THE ROSE??? Insane. He’s the villain of the season and I think he deserves it.
  • I get that you feel the need to spill your entire life story in order to make sure you will get a rose, but sometimes the guys choose the wrong time. Watching Kaitlyn and Ian have his serious conversation while awkwardly holding hands in front of the house while standing up…yikes. Just save your story for a more personal time.
  • Kupah’s race comments made me uncomfortable. Uncool. Is that really the card you pull when you aren’t getting your way? Very uncool.
  • Kupah needs way, way too much validation. Send him home! When he was surprised to hear that she had felt a connection but no longer did I wanted to punch him. He wanted her to gush over him and when she didn’t he was shocked. Loser. I think he’s lacking in some self-confidence, probably because a girl has never told him no before. Now he’s backpedaling. No Kupah, you blew it.
  • I’m impressed at how decisive Kaitlyn seems to be. She is also more emotional than I thought she was.
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The Bachelorette — Week 1

Episode 1:

  • Right off the bat I’m praying that the Bachelorette is Kaitlyn because the minute Britt’s face flashes up on the screen Peter starts complaining about how she is a “whiney, fake, attention whore who thinks she’s better than everybody”. This is going to be a looooong season if I have to keep hearing him complain. Also, pausing while he rants makes the episode last forever.
  • As Chris, Britt and Kaitlyn are talking in the beginning, Britt is her regular “I’m so better than you” self, trying to backhandedly make Kaitlyn feel small. Kaitlyn look like she wants to rip her head off.
  • I hated that everyone was trying to engage drunk Ryan M.. WHY? Just let it alone and let him sabotage himself. He was cracking us up. We always love the sloppy white boy wasted guy on night one!
  • Is it just me or has Britt said that about 10 different things are “the most important thing” to her? Ug. She’s the worst.

Episode 2:

  • Yay! Bye, bye Britt! I did feel bad for her. What a blow to your pride.
  • I love that Kaitlyn’s first thought was of Britt when she was chosen. She grinned and said, “Oh! I feel bad being this excited!” Class act. She seemed so genuinely thrilled and grateful.
  • There really are several guys who I think have a lot of potential!
  • The teaser for the rest of the season was so, so good. I can’t wait.
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Henry at 2.5

Henry is already two and a half! He’s the best ever.

  • He is constantly lining up his cars or making piles of his cars. Once they are all lined up, he’ll move them one by one to another line or pile across the room. He spends a LOT of time moving piles/lines of cars to different locations in the house.
  • He talks all day long and is constantly making observations about his surroundings.
  • He LOVES to snuggle. He comes to me several times a day and asks if we can “have a little snuggle on the couch”. He also wakes up in the middle of the night from time to time moaning that he wants one of us to cuddle with him.
  • He has a balance bike and a scooter. He doesn’t like either one and prefers running.
  • He insists on bringing one or two cars to the park. He pushes them on the swing, races them down the slide, etc.
  • He sleeps in a big boy bed, which he loves, but we are a long way away from potty training.
  • His cars are his friends. He probably has close to 100 and he knows just about every one of them by name. He asks for specific cars all the time and when he loses one he never forgets about it.
  • He’s still a great shopper and can spend hours at the mall. Going to the mall is his most requested activity. When I ask him what he wants to do on a particular day he tells me he’d like to go to the mall (or target, costco, chick-fil-a, the park, or a friend’s house).
  • He tells us he loves us often. When Peter leaves for work in the morning he says, “Love you Daddy. Have a good day at work Daddy. Miss you to the moon Daddy. “
  • He loves friends. If he meets a new friend at the park he talks about him for a week.
  • He is almost always happy. He tells me several times a day that he’s, “having SO MUCH FUN.”
  • When Peter is home we both put him to bed together. After we are ready to say goodnight he begs Peter to stay and snuggle with him some more. Sometimes Peter will stay in there for an extra hour and they are laughing the entire time.
  • He is great at saying please, thank you, and sorry.
  • He asks several times a day if I’ll tell him a story. Often he gives me a topic, which usually involves me, Peter, and one of his cars.
  • His favorite books are Go Dog Go, Larry Gets Lost in Boston and Dragons Love Tacos
  • His favorite movie is Charlotte’s Web (the Dakota Fanning version)
  • He loves pears, cottage cheese, strawberries, Laughing Cow cheese, chocolate milk, waffles and celery.
  • He’s obsessed with Peter. They have great adventures together and love to spend time together, with our without me.
  • He loves thunder, lightening and jumping in puddles.
  • I buzzed his hair for summer and whenever people tell him it’s cute he says, “It’s called a buzz cut.” He also rubs his head and tells me he has fuzzy hair.
  • He is getting good at imaginary play. He acts out scenarios with his toys/cars. Yesterday he built a “house” of blocks and was inviting cars inside for cookies and pretending that the mom inside was making everyone quesadillas. He also has a game of “pouring” several cars into Peter’s sneakers, then using the other sneaker to pour in imaginary milk, then eating his “cereal” from the sneaker.
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The Bachelorette Season 11

As you know Peter’s work used to do a Bachelor/Bachelorette game that I loved to participate in. Since Peter has a new job I have no one to play with this season so I found an online bracket that I’m going to participate in instead. Come join me! There is only 72 hours until the bracket is closed, so you don’t have much time if you want to play along.

Go to thebachelorbracket.com. You just have to create an account, find and join the league that I created called We Love Mondays, and fill out your bracket.

In the meantime, does anyone want to place a bet on if Kaitlyn’s teeth are fixed this season?

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Five thoughts

  1. I finally tried pretzel m&ms, only about eight years after they came out. Not a fan.
  2. Seriously, house hunting. We’ve seen SO many houses and we are more confused than ever. We are pretty indecisive in general, so this process is torture. I think we have it narrowed down to 4-5 different areas. But talk to me tomorrow and I’ll be back to square one. I think part of the issue is that neither of us have a burning desire to be homeowners. Peter is reeeeeeally making our realtor work. Seeing how this process works makes me never, ever, ever want to be a realtor.
  3. Speaking of indecisive, Peter recently bought seven pairs of shoes and spent two weeks staring at them and walking around the house in them trying to settle on one.
  4. My hair is quite possibly the ugliest it’s ever been in my life, aside from when I lived in Sweden. It’s bad.
  5. Today I watched two of my friend’s kids. She has seven children, and I had her six year old and four year old. It was so funny to spend time with kids from a big family. They reminded me of my own childhood. At one point I had this conversation with the kids:
    Kid 1: “Where is everyone else?”
    Me: “Who? What do you mean?”
    Kids: Blank stares.
    Kid 1: “Everyone else. Where are they?”

    Me: “Henry doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. It’s just me, Henry, and Henry’s dad.”
    Kid 1: “ALL these toys are just for one kid?!”
    Kid 2: “Who does he play with? He must be so lonely! Does he play ALL ALONE?”
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Five thoughts

  1. We are really liking American Crime so far. It’s weird to watch Lynette Scavo look so creepy (black contacts!) and act so severe. I really like her.
  2. I made Black Bottom Oatmeal Pie for Pi Day. It’s from Four and Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book, and it just barely missed the cut for Pie Night last year but I’ve been anxious to try it. I was disappointed. It tasted good, but I don’t love it enough to make it again. Luckily I made it the night before so I was able to make a Peanut Butter Pie to save Pi Day.
  3. March 31 was my one year anniversary of wearing my fitbit. ONE YEAR. I wanted to walk the most steps I’ve ever walked on that day but I wasn’t feeling well so that didn’t happen. My high is 26,703 and I only made it to 22,619.
  4. I still hate house hunting.
  5. Everyone is loving Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I watched the first 1.5 episodes and quit. Stupid. Eventually went back to it and finished the season. It got better, but it wasn’t nearly as amazing as blogs were making it sound.
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Eight thoughts

  1. Would it be awful to get Henry cargo shorts? I bought him a few pairs on sale, but I don’t think I’m going to keep them. Cargo shorts? In 2015? Is it happening? He had a pair last year that were cute, but in general cargo shorts are awful, right?
  2. Why don’t they make normal belts for toddlers? Baby belts were basically impossible to find, and now that I’m looking for toddler belts I’m realizing they are all stupid. I need a light brown leather belt with a not-t00-shiney silver buckle. It doesn’t exist.
  3. I bought some J.R. Watkins coconut scrub, lotion, and oil spray. I like it all. The scrub is SO oily. The first time I used it in the shower I was totally grossed out, but my skin was so smooth afterward so now I use it regularly.
  4. Henry loves sleeping in the guest room instead of in his crib. I bought him a big boy bed, but I’m not ready for him to be out of his crib yet so I haven’t set it up. I have a feeling he will love it.
  5. Tomorrow is Peter’s birthday AND the Bachelor finale. Party!
  6. We like Secrets and Lies, American Crime, and The Last Man on Earth. We quit Allegiance after the third episode (it got cancelled anyway). Modern Family is getting worse. Repeat After Me makes me laugh, but I will be over it within a few episodes I’m sure. The Teen Mom catch up episodes were fun to watch, but Farrah is still terrible. All the other girls were saying things like, “Oh, I’ve grown up so much! I can’t believe I did that!” Farrah was defending all her terrible behavior. She’s even worse than she was before.
  7. Double Peanut Butter Magnum bars are goooooood.
  8. I still hate house hunting.
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