Five house thoughts

  1. The list of projects we’ve done in the last nine weeks is exhausting. There is always something to do, and there is no end in sight. We haven’t had one single night of just hanging out or watching tv since we moved in. Tv is our favorite thing, so it’s been pretty lame.
  2. I’ll be sure to let you know when I start thinking home ownership makes us happy instead of annoyed.
  3. The list of things we’ve had to buy is mind blowing. So. Much. Money. It’s just floating away, one Saturday at a time.
  4. We spend far too much time on youtube learning how to do stuff and at Home Depot buying supplies.
  5. I’m so, so curious about this history of my house. Whenever I go back to Mapleton there is a new family or two who have moved onto my parent’s street. I lived on that street basically from the beginning of the street so I know all the original owners. I always feel like I know more about people’s houses on 1700 North in Mapleton than they do themselves. I wonder who lived in my house, what happened here, how it looked, etc.
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Three house thoughts

  1. We have a pool. It needed new plaster, tile and coping. Having a newly plastered pool is like having a puppy, and not in a fun way. In a needy, obnoxious way.
  2. Moving into someone else’s filth is really disgusting. The house required hours and hours and hours of cleaning. At first I thought I’d hire a service to do it, but the more I looked around the more I realized it needed a DEEP clean and I didn’t trust anyone to do it but myself so I knew it was done right. Between being pregnant, having a toddler, trying to pack my old house and managing all the contractors we had in and out doing other projects I knew I needed help, but not just any help. I had to have someone who had actual cleaning skills. Like…skills. So my sister came to Texas to help me! We scrubbed the house for days and even had an extra half a day to paint a room! Lucky me.
  3. Now that we are three weeks in, we still both agree that renting is far superior to owning. If I was rich, I’d rent forever.
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Five thoughts

  1. I am so tired of being busy doing stuff. We bought a house and it has consumed my every thought for the past two months. It is a 20 year old house and needed tons of work. So, so much work. It’s never ending and I’m over it. But that’s a post for another day.
  2. Bachelor in Paradise: I think this is one of my favorite seasons of a Bachelor spinoff. Lots of love, lots of drama, lots cheesy, lots of laughs, lots of entertainment! I’m sort of sad that Lauren went home because watching that train wreck was so, so fun. The sister drama was definitely dominating the show and was about to get annoying, so it’s probably a good thing she left. WHY are all the men wearing jewelry? I don’t want this to be a thing, but it seems to have been a thing through the past two seasons. I’m super anti men in jewelry. I’m so jealous of all their sun burns.
  3. It is so freaking hot in Texas. I’m so over it. We don’t even leave the house anymore unless we absolutely have to. Even going swimming is just annoying. It was 104 today and tomorrow will be 106. Gross. I wouldn’t mind so much if it cooled down, but it doesn’t. Right now it’s 10pm and it’s 93 degrees. This will be my life until November.
  4. I love being pregnant.
  5. Possibly the very worst thing about moving is losing your DVR.
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Kaitlyn the Bachelorette recap and Bachelor in Paradise thoughts

The past three weeks have been completely insane and busy. I was barely able to watch the show, let alone blog about it. Overall it was a fine season, but not my favorite. I think one thing that ruined it all for me was the rose ceremony mid-episode. I really hated that. The other thing I hated was the amount of time that they spent on the Shawn/Nick drama. Snoozefest.

First of all, congrats to Jess on winning our Bachelorette Bracket! I’m so glad she won because she was at the bottom for most of the season. She chose Britt as the Bachelorette and Ryan M to win it all. Luckily she had Shawn in the final two, so she beat us all! Just goes to show you never know how things will turn out in Bachelorland! Also, Peter needs an honorable mention for coming in second! :)

My bottom line is this: Hallaluja that Nick didn’t win.

Nick got his 15 minutes of fame in Andi’s season, which he stretched into 30 minutes with Kaitlyn, and he needed to be shut down. So, so glad he’s out of the picture. I’m just waiting to see what he tries to do next to keep himself in the limelight. Let’s all stop giving him attention, ok?

Kaitlyn and Shawn won’t last, but they actually looked super into each other at ATFR! I was surprised! I think I’ll give them a solid three months, I have faith in them.

Bachelor in Paradise is so great so far. A few thoughts:

  • I love Ashley I. so much. She’s my favorite. The relationship she has with her sister is hilarious and totally entertaining. They act like they are 14 and 15.
  • I’m worried about poor Carly. She took a giant beating from America because of her terrible eyebrows when she was on the Bachelor (including from me!), she fixed her brows, got extensions, and really glammed herself up for Bachelor in Paradise, fell in love with Kirk the first day…and I’m certain that Kirk is going to dump her within the first four episodes.
  • Jillian leaving was refreshing. I didn’t want to watch her for one single second.
  • Why is everyone obsessed with Jade? She’s cute, but she’s not the hottest, nor does she have the most sparkling personality. And it’s not like the playboy thing is anything special in this crowd. I don’t get it.
  • I’m embarrassed that Tenley is back. And Clare too. I think that is enough Bachelor for both of them.
  • Who the heck is Dan Cox?
  • Mikey T. is so embarrassing. Good thing he won’t last long enough to continue embarrassing himself on national television.
  • I’m voting on Jared winning. Not sure why all the girls are gaga over him when Tanner is around, but the Bachelor heart is predictably irrational and that is why we love it.
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Kaitlyn the Bachelorette — Week 8

  • Ben H is a sweetheart. He is genuine. I don’t really like them together, but I like him ok.
  • Wait. I wrote that before Ben said that he fears that he’s unlovable. What is that about? Thumbs down.
  • I felt so bad for Joe when he told Kaitlyn he was in love with her. Sad. I think guys like Joe are the guys I feel the worst for. The ones that think they have a chance but totally don’t.
  • I love that Sean won’t even say “Nick” he calls him “the other guy”. Ha! I’m with you Sean, Nick is the worst.
  • I can’t decide how I feel about Sean and Kaitlyn. I can’t tell if he is really into her and is just reserved about how he shows affection, or if he only thinks he is into her because of the weird Bachelor environment he’s in.
  • Pink is not Sean’s color.
  • I understand Sean being upset, but he has to know it was just a matter of time. It either happened last week or it was going to happen in the fantasy suite.
  • I respect Sean’s initial reaction to Kaitlyn’s news! He is visibly upset, but he doesn’t act on his emotion. He is calm enough to realize he needs to take a beat to think things through before he decides how he feels and how he will respond to Kaitlyn. This is a positive quality in a spouse. I hope Kaitlyn realizes that.
  • I’m so mad that Nick keeps saying how he’s had less than half the time with Kaitlyn than the other guys have had. UM???? YOU SPENT THE NIGHT WITH HER. That pretty much trumps all the practically meaningless minutes that Ben H has had with her.
  • Kaitlyn wants Sean to be mad! He gives the best possible response and she keeps a stale look on her face like she really expected/wanted fireworks. Was she trying to push him away?
  • Can I say one more time that Nick is the worst? He loves to hear himself talk and it’s always stupid. He’s stupid. I feel like he is downplaying their relationship in order to be bros with the other guys. “All you guys have had so much more time than I have. I don’t feel confident at all. I’m so nervous.” Stop. Just act normal.
  • Kaitlyn’s poker face is too good. When she’s talking to the guys I want her to have some emotion and feeling on her face.
  • Despite the fact that Ben would make a way better husband than Jared, I’m surprised that Ben stayed over Jared. She’s been so hot for Jared from the very beginning, and Bachelorettes have a history of going on feeling rather than logic. But regardless, congrats to Jared for staying this long! You’d think that beard would have gotten him sent home weeks ago!
  • Did anyone else catch that giant tub of protein powder on Sean’s nightstand?
  • Nick is a master at this game. I feel like he’s tricking Kaitlyn and doing a fantastic job. He’s in it to win in. I don’t believe anything he says.
  • Sean should have left Nick alone. It was pretty uncool of him to confront Nick in his hotel room. What is the point? Maybe he’s had too much protein powder. He needs to chill.
  • I just realized I’ve said that Sean needs to chill like 10 times this season. It’s weird that he can get so riled up about things, but in the moment when you’d think he’d come unglued (when Kaitlyn confessed) he was totally calm. What is that about??
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Kaitlyn the Bachelorette — Week 6 & 7


  • Ian is a tool. His display was embarrassing and stupid. He was just trying to be mean. It was like watching a kid on the playground who got picked last and decides to take the ball and go home. What a sore loser.
  • Guys. Kaitlyn is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Chris is such a dork.
  • Nick is the worst. I can’t stand him at all. I think the issue is that he’s a total dork but he thinks he’s super cool. If you’re a dork, be a dork. You’re not fooling anyone. Except maybe Kaitlyn???
  • The whole Nick/Kaitlyn thing was awesome and frustrating. I would have preferred her to have zero regret and zero awkwardness about it. Own it! I was enjoying that she was just going with what she wanted to do, despite the “rules” of the game. But then the next morning she was crying about how it was a huge mistake. Uncool Kaitlyn! If there is any ounce of you that will regret it, I judge you for going through with it. Are you an out of control teenager who can’t understand consequences? Were you too distracted by his gross hair and too-tight pants to think about how you’d feel in the morning?
  • Shawn is too serious for Kaitlyn. He can’t even enjoy the group date. He’s just standing around awkwardly, looking like he wants to throw up.
  • Shawn showing pics of his family was genius. Kaitlyn loved it. Seriously so smart.
  • The best part of this episode was THE CRANBERRIES. Omg how hilarious was that? I’m fairly certain that Jared is too young to even know who they are. They were not nearly as excited as they should have been about that. (crying laughing face emoji!)


  • Whoa. Have we ever seen a contestant ask straight up if the Bachelor/Bachelorette if they were in love with them? I like it! Go Shawn!
  • Kaitlyn didn’t make any attempt to keep him. I wanted her to say, “Look, there are nine other guys here. I have to be totally fair to each of them, because that is what is fair to me and to you. Let the process happen. Don’t go, just hold out and let’s make it work.” But instead she said, “You’ll just have to decide if you can do this” and gave him the stink eye and if she was daring him to go.
  • She keeps going back and forth on what she’s saying. Nick is a mistake, but he wasn’t, but he was, but he wasn’t. Rolling my eyes. She should have told Shawn right then what happened between her and Nick. It’s always best to get ahead of a situation like this. It’s never a good idea to keep secrets!
  • Joe is a sweet guy, but come on. I felt bad when he told Kaitlyn he was falling in love with him. As much as I can’t picture Kaitlyn and Joe together, I really, really can’t see her with JJ. I’m glad he went home. But Joe is on the chopping block next week.
  • It drives me completely crazy that they never eat the food. I had a freaking waffle for dinner, and they are letting all their delicious food go to waste. It kills me.
  • I am SO tired of hearing Shawn whine! Stop! He needs to chill out and act like a man. Although, to be fair, I guess that is exactly how a man would act. Jealous and mad seeing their girl kiss other guys.
  • Your girlfriend opens her door in tears and you don’t even attempt to console her??? Yikes. Shawn must be mad. Or insensitive.
  • The second couch conversation was much better than the first. I’m glad Kaitlyn told him to chill and to just let the process happen. Good. Can we move on now?
  • Shawn’s royal blue jacket with black lapels is ugly.
  • Peter thinks all the guys need a Midol. Agree.
  • Nick is such a tool! Seriously can’t stand him at all. Can anyone? Does he have any fans??? Ug I can barely watch him. I wanted to punch him when he started crying. That was an act, right? Even Kaitlyn wasn’t buying it. Oh wait, then she says she did buy it. I don’t buy that she bought it.
  • Oh wow. Shawn and Kaitlyn’s third conversation. Wow. Let’s recap their conversations this episode:
    • One: He thought he had the upper hand, he wanted validation, he didn’t get it and left her room confused at why a woman wouldn’t be begging him to stay. He issues an empty threat of leaving.
    • Two: He comes crawling back the next night to say he still likes her and wants to stay. He gets a pep talk from her, but no real validation. He finally realizes he does not have the upper hand, Kaitlyn does. He panics.
    • Three: Kaitlyn is over it and tells him to cool his jets or he’s outta here. He looks at her with desperation, pleading with her to reconsider with his eyes (which she should because Ryan Gosling).
  • I’m shocked that Chris stayed over Ben and Tanner! Chris belongs with like Snow White or Belle or something.
  • Kaitlyn needs to give Jared an ultimatum: shave the beard or go home.
  • Kaitlyn and Jared are pals. They have a nice connection and it’s fun to watch them enjoy each other. There is no way they would ever end up married, but they’re cute and fun.
  • I like the idea of them having fantasy suite dates prior to the family dates. I always feel bad that they meet so many families. It doesn’t seem fair to their mothers.
  • Watching Chris and Kaitlyn kiss is like watching a super creepy uncle his his niece. Just weird and awkward. Zero passion, just weirdness. And he can’t stop looking at her. She doesn’t need your constant eye contact! Stop looking at her!
  • Cupcake’s tears tell us all we need to know about him.
  • Let’s hope next week we see more of Ben H, less of Nick, and that Shawn can act like a man again.
  • Wait. Stop. Hold the phones. Jared can’t drive a stick. No. No. No. I can’t handle this information.
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Kaitlyn The Bachelorette — Week 5

  • Nick is so stupid, but I think all the attacking questions were a bit much when he first walked in the hotel room. If he’s fake and there for the wrong reasons, his true colors will come out and then they can all move on. Until then, just be polite, or at the very least ignore him. Sounds they are all just jealous and jealously doesn’t look good on anyone. I think part of the problem is that they are all cooped up in a hotel room and have nothing to think about but drama. I hope when they watch this all back they realize they are acting like a bunch of whiny babies.
  • Peter says: “Shawn sure is sensitive. And not in a good way.” Amen.
  • I want to say again that I HATE HATE HATE the rose ceremony at the beginning of the episode instead of the end. I hope abc gets enough hate to change it back for next season.
  • Ben H: Right off the bat I love this guy because of the way he taught those little kids about the birds and the bees last week. He’s a sweet guy, but I’m not sure he’s the guy for Kaitlyn. He is a little too puppy dog for her.
  • Side note: The singer is named Dale. I love that name and really want to name the baby Dale (boy or girl, but more for a girl). Peter isn’t into it. If you see him, mention how much you like the name.
  • Another performing date? Aren’t we over that yet? Let’s switch it up.
  • Peter says he hasn’t liked a bachelorette in a long time but he really likes Kaitlyn. I agree, she’s pretty good.
  • They toasted to “tight pants”. Agree.
  • Idaho boy Joshua called Kaitlyn a barber. This is an Idaho boy move.
  • Nick and Kaitlyn need to stop kissing. Please, please stop.
  • Kaitlyn seems like a no drama girl, but she does have a lot of drama. It seems like every episode has a situation.
  • Oh no! Poor Joshua! It’s true that all the guys were throwing him under the bus, but he asked for it. Speaking for others is always a bad idea.
  • It was nice of Shawn to speak up for Josh. Shawn seems like a stand up guy. I like him.
  • WHOA! Shawn is falling in love with Kaitlyn already?! And she feels the same way! I think he could win as long as he doesn’t continue to act like a whiny baby. I think if they end up together she would wear the pants and he would be the strong silent provider type.
  • “I don’t understand why Kaitlyn wouldn’t want a Princeton graduate, former model that defied death and has been around the world a couple of times.” Um…it’s because you say things like that. Douche. This is a classic example of someone who knows he’s going home and he wants to beat her to the punch to save an ounce of his pride. What a loser.
  • Obvi I have my DVR set the the Bachelor Celebrity Family Feud.
  • Shawn is a real man and I think he could be a great husband, but her heat with Jared is pretty obvious. Jared just seems so young. I can’t picture them together at all.
  • So wait, does Ian really think he has a shot at being the next bachelor? For real? Is that just something to say, or is he actually campaigning?
  • What the heck was that conversation between Kaitlyn and Ian? What was his goal? Just to hurt her feelings and be mean? I don’t understand what outcome he was looking for.
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