Five TV thoughts

  1. Growing Up Fisher: Not bad. It’s sort of a cute show, but it seems a lot like The Goldbergs, and I like the Goldbergs better. I’ll keep watching though.
  2. About a Boy: I really liked the first episode, but the second was just too predicable and it wasn’t funny. I have hopes that it improves.
  3. Mind Games: The crazy guy is just too crazy. It’s annoying to watch him run around yelling the whole episode.
  4. The Tonight Show: I love Jimmy Fallon. I’m pleased to see that his show has stayed the same. I’m not sure how well Seth Meyers will do. I only watched one episode, but I wasn’t too impressed. I like him, but I think it might take him a while to figure out hosting a show.
  5. Dallas: I just had to start watching Dallas since I live here, right? I’m in season two. It’s pretty soap opera-y, but entertaining. Plus, I’ll watch anything with Mary Alice Young and John Rowland! The girl from Fast and the Furious is in it, Jordana Brewster. She is way too skinny!
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