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Six thoughts on a Tuesday

1. This is the worst season of The Bach I’ve ever watched. Come on, Ashley. Seriously? And what is up with the guys? I’m so bored with them. It’s a total train wreck and I can’t seem to look away. … Continue reading

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Keep Portland Weird

Several people have asked me how I liked Portland and what it’s like there. The simplest way to describe Portland is to say that Portland is weird. I’m not the only one who thinks Portland is weird. Portlanders pride themselves … Continue reading

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Boston Apt #2

During the 10 days we were living in apt #1, I was pretty sure we had made a terrible decision to live on campus. Now that we live in apt #2, I think I can do it. Apt #2 is … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney

Candice’s sister, Kashann, has some super important friends who got us into Mitt Romney’s shindig where he announced his candidacy for president. It was in Stratham, New Hampshire on June 2. I know very little about politics, but it was still … Continue reading

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My most important possessions

If you had to put all your possessions in storage for two years and could only take one car load of stuff with you, do you know what you would take? I do. Here are all the items I chose. … Continue reading

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Boston Apt #1

Prepare to feel sorry for me. Peter and I decided to live on campus. We figure it will save us about $12,000/year. $12,000 sounds like enough to make it a no-brainer, right? Wait until you see the pictures below to … Continue reading

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Cross-country trip

Dads rule. My dad-in-law flew to Portland to help with the first leg of the move: Portland to Utah. The two of us put my car on a trailer behind the moving van and drove the 14 hours to Salt … Continue reading

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