Six thoughts on a Tuesday

1. This is the worst season of The Bach I’ve ever watched. Come on, Ashley. Seriously? And what is up with the guys? I’m so bored with them. It’s a total train wreck and I can’t seem to look away. I’m starting to wonder if ABC is doing this on purpose.

2. Why is the whole world blogging about French Macaroons? So annoying.

3. I love Steven Tyler. I love his style, I love his music, and he’s totally sexy. I’ve had Feels So Good on repeat the past few days. He’s 63 and still the coolest rockstar on the planet. I’ve loved Steven Tyler since about sixth grade when I was a member the BMG CD club. Remember that awesome deal in the 90s where you could buy 12 CDs for a penny (with lots of fine print that I didn’t read)? I spent most of my allowance and babysitting money on that silly BMG club. Anyway, my first few albums from BMG were Get A Grip, The Sign, and Read My Mind. I was so hip.

4. I have a new best friend. It’s my new Shark. We spent four hours together yesterday. Apt #2 is cleeeeean.

5. Since we’ve moved to Boston, we’ve been bleeding money. Today, for example, I happened across a farmers market in Harvard Square on my walk home from the library. I bought a $6 loaf of bread, a $3 scoop of ice cream, and 12 asparagus raviolis for $10. This is almost a daily occurrence. I think I ought to find a job.

6. Peter and I are watching Ally McBeal right now. So funny.


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5 Responses to Six thoughts on a Tuesday

  1. melhoney says:

    Bachelorette is so lame that we finally stopped watching it. Waste of time.

    I also love Steven Tyler! I have seen him twice in concert and have a few CDs as well. My favorite Aerosmith days were when he had Alicia Silverstone in his music videos (like crazy).

    I’ve always wondered about the skark. You really think it does a better job?

    East coast groceries are so so expensive!

    • sommerkorn says:

      I totally agree, the Alicia Silverstone days were some of Steven’s best. I definitely think the Shark is better than a traditional mop, my Swiffer, and even getting down and washing on my hands and knees (which was my previous favorite method). I’m sure there is a better product out there as far as steamers go, but I doubt you could do any better for $100 (I found a good deal on Amazon and got mine for $50). Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s totally awesome, but don’t expect a flaw-free miracle product. You have to pump the handle much more than the ads show in order to get an adequate amount of steam.

  2. mccall says:

    if i hear bentley’s name one more time, i’m going to scream.

    and i agree about the french macaroons. they don’t even look good. are they good? or are they just trendy?

  3. Amy says:

    I too had Ace of Base in my first 12 CDs. I also painfully remember the consequences of not reading fine print, those shipping charges were KILLER! Did we even end up with a good deal?! Ha ha! p.s. We have the Shark vacuum cleaner and I LOVE it. If you’re ever in the market for one, check it out. I am both pleased and disgusted every time I vacuum. It’s oddly satisfying. 🙂

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