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Henry at 20 months

Weight: 27 lbs 6 oz (55%) Height: 32.5 (56%) Henry Loves: Dad. He yells, “DaDAAAAAA” and then wispers “dada”, just like Brick on The Middle. Henry is obsessed with Peter. He asks about him 10 times a day and is … Continue reading

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Four Thoughts

I have sort of been anti-Crocs. I always thought they were sort of ghetto. But now I love them! I spent a long time searching for practical summer shoes for Henry and Crocs seemed to be the best option, so … Continue reading

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Eight TV thoughts

Ladies of London: This is ok. I’ll keep watching. Real Housewives of NY: Sonja has always been crazy, but she’s over the top these days. I love it. Chasing Life: I am watching this because it’s filmed in Boston. I … Continue reading

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House hunting

The very worst part about moving is finding a place to live. Packing, unpacking and organizing are all easy in comparison to house hunting. We’ve moved a lot in our marriage and finding a place is painful every single time. … Continue reading

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Four Thoughts

One of our local convenience stores is having a “sodapalooza” event where you buy their cup and then you can refill it as much as you want until the end of June. I bought one for myself and one for … Continue reading

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Bachelorette — Week 2 and 3 (parts 1 and 2)

We were able to choose another “keeper” for Peter’s office pool. Now we have Chris, Patrick and Marcus. I had high hopes for Josh, but then I saw his tattoos. I am not sure Andi can get on board with … Continue reading

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