Cross-country trip

Dads rule.

My dad-in-law flew to Portland to help with the first leg of the move: Portland to Utah.

The two of us put my car on a trailer behind the moving van and drove the 14 hours to Salt Lake. We chatted and munched on popcorn and cookies the whole way. Thanks Dad S. for taking three days out of your life to help us, and for being such great company for 14 hours straight. Much, much appreciated.

The first leg of the move cost $278.28 in gasoline for 824 miles (11.5 mpg).

We unloaded the moving van into my parents ridiculously ginormous garage*, which took only 50 minutes thanks to a bizarrely competent group of 14-year-old boys. After a 72 hour stay in Utah, my dad** and I started our trek to Boston.

We left on Monday at 8am, arrived in Boston on Friday at 10am, and put 2,239 miles on my car. We made a few fun stops along the way, including Kirtland, Niagra Falls, and Nashua, where we met up with my little brother’s family.

My dad and I are very similar. We both like order, and dislike wasting time. I kept a spreadsheet of all of our costs, places we stopped, and what we ate. For your enjoyment here is a breakdown of our total costs:

Gas: $367.49 (a disappointing 23.7 mpg)
Food/Treats: $63.07
Hotels: $310.52
Total: $741.08

The gas total from Portland to Boston was $645.77. Total bummer.

If you’re wondering how we ate for 5 days on $63.07, it was because we ate lots of PB&H sandwiches and triscuit crackers. We only had two meals at an actual restaurant, the rest of the money was on ice cream, chocolates, and other treats. Priorities.

We spent 42.25 hours in the car, and enjoyed almost every minute of it. Traveling with my Dad was a piece of cake. I’m so glad he was willing to be my partner. One thing I learned about him during this trip was that we eat french fries the exact the same way. We both line up two fries parallel to each other eat two at a time.

Thanks to both our Dads. We couldn’t have done it without you.


* Just because we put our stuff in storage in Utah doesn’t mean we’ll be going back there when Peter is done with school. Or ever.

** Peter stayed in Portland to wrap things up at work and flew into Boston the day after I arrived. He was pleased by this arrangement because he doesn’t enjoy road trips.

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7 Responses to Cross-country trip

  1. Lindsay says:

    SO jealous! I love road trips! Luckily, Jay likes them, too 🙂 My dad is the opposite of yours. He likes to stop and look at random things, and go 100 miles out of the way to see the world’s largest gopher, or some old mining town. It is so fun to do, but when we have a timeline, it drives me nuts 🙂 Haha!

  2. Katie C says:

    Utah is really not that bad of a place, you know.

  3. Aania says:

    YAY! I am so glad your there safe:)!!!

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