HELLO. We’re the Sommerkorns. We met at the University of Utah in 2005 and were married a year later in the LDS Provo Temple. We have a toddler named Henry and a baby on the way. We like pie.

LIZ LIKES pie, going for walks, baking, pretty paper, her laptop, cleanliness, sweatshirts, spa treatments, sneakers, freshly ironed sheets

PETER LIKES pie, soccer, cars, studying, ethnic food, family, order, cereal, starched shirts

HENRY LIKES pie, cars, mom and dad, playing at the park, swimming

You can read our previous blog here.


3 Responses to About

  1. Karen Perkins says:

    Please send me a copy of your slide deck on the general authorities. I love it!

    • Delphia says:

      What a lovely pasta dish! And wow, Meatless Mondays is really catching on! I don't adhere to it myself, but I find that I usually have at least one or two meat-free days a week as it is. I think I actually acdlaentcily went meatless for a whole week once: it wasn't on purpose, I just happened to choose meatless recipes. I was kind of craving steak after that, though!

    • Muito bom o comentário sobre “definir os critérios antes de o projeto começar”. Parece óbvio, mas estabelecer critérios para se definir metas é uma das partes mais difíceis do processo de mensuração.

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