I’d never seen a chiropractor until two years ago. I was never anti-chiropractor, but I was always pretty skeptical of them. With Peter’s old job we had an insurance benefit that allowed us to see a chiropractor and massage therapist for $5, so obviously I took advantage of that a few times a month for two years. I love, love a good massage, but the chiropractor I could for sure live without. I was never very impressed. I thought it was nice, but I never felt like it made any bit of difference in how I felt when I walked out. Had an adjustment not come with an hour long massage, I would never have gone back.

When I did my second round of IVF I saw an acupuncturist/chiropractor twice a week in an effort to do every single thing I could possibly do to make the IVF successful. I think that it was a positive thing. I don’t want to go as far as to say that IVF worked because of it, but I’m glad I did it and I do think it made some sort of difference on some level.

Last week I went to my regular 35 week checkup which included a sonogram. I learned that the baby was transverse. My doctor immediately scheduled a c-section and said there was absolutely nothing I could do to help the baby move to a head-down position. Nothing at all. I liked her ok until that moment. She pretended to be disappointed for me since I wanted to avoid a c-section, but I actually thought she seemed a little happy about it. She told me that a c-section would work out great for her Thanksgiving plans, but a day of labor would not. Yikes.

I left my appointment pretty bummed. My friend called me right away and told me that her baby was breech at 37 weeks and she went to a chiropractor who specialized in flipping babies. I was willing to give anything a shot so I went to see the chiropractor a few days later.

I had been having a lot of back pain, which was making the rest of me pretty uncomfortable as well (I’m not sure I really even connected that my discomfort was due to my back pain). I rarely felt the baby move and I never felt kicks/pokes. I only felt occasional vague stretching type movements. I was even throwing up more and more frequently as time was going on.

The chiropractor changed everything! When I first laid down she felt the baby. She felt how he was positioned (she was right on, according to my ultrasound) and agreed that baby was not head down. She adjusted my back and when I stood up I immediately knew something was different. My belly was shaped differently (more out, less wide), my back pain was gone, and I felt better from head to toe. I’m throwing up less now, I’m feeling kicks, pokes and normal baby movements all the time. I didn’t even realize how poor I’d been feeling until I stood up immediately feeling normal. She felt my belly again and she was pretty certain that he was head down at that point. I could feel her hands around what for sure seemed like a nice round little head. I was shocked that baby could flip and I could feel so much better in a matter of minutes.

I didn’t want to get my hopes up, so I waited until my ultrasound a week later (yesterday) to celebrate that the baby is head down! Yayyyyy! No more c-section, unless something changes. I totally give credit to the chiropractor for this.

Let me be clear, I am in no way anti c-section. If I need a c-section I will welcome being sliced open to keep me and my baby safe. But the idea of healing from a c-section with a sweet toddler who loves to snuggle on my lap and read stories sounds pretty miserable. I’d like to avoid that if possible.

Baby will be here in about three weeks!

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35 Weeks Pregnant

  1. I love being pregnant, I’m getting really sad that I’m nearing the end.
  2. I don’t remember feeling aches and pains when I was pregnant with Henry, but this time I am. I don’t know if it’s because I’m older, started out heavier, or if it’s just different.
  3. A few weeks ago while lifting Henry out of the car I hurt my back. It was an entire week of pain. Back pain is the pits, it makes you incapable of doing anything.
  4. Skipping Pie Night this year is actually a relief. I thought I’d be sad skipping it, but it’s nice to take a year off!
  5. I have rarely felt this baby move until a few weeks ago. My doctor says it’s because my placenta is in the front, but let’s hope it’s because I have a lazy baby. Not feeling him has been a bummer. I worked so hard to get pregnant and then got screwed out of the best part! Around 33 weeks the baby was finally strong enough that I could feel large movements, which has been great.
  6. With Henry I was not looking forward to his arrival. Being pregnant was so fun and having a baby was a big unknown. This time around I am so thrilled to be giving Henry a brother that I am looking forward to the actual baby part.
  7. I am forced to use an OB with this baby, which has been a bummer. I used a midwife for Henry and had a super fantastic experience. Texas doesn’t do midwives! There is only ONE within a 25 minute drive and for a number of reasons it didn’t make sense to use her. My OB is fine I guess, but I’m nervous about my delivery. I have a feeling it will not go nearly as well as my experience with Henry.
  8. The thing I’m the most nervous for is leaving Henry while I’m in the hospital. I have never been away from him for more than a few hours. I’m going to miss him! I know this is overly dramatic, but I also am nervous about how he is going to feel without me.
  9. Heartburn with Henry was awful. It’s bad with this baby too, but not nearly as bad as with Henry. I’ve thrown up about the same amount. I threw up almost daily for about 17 weeks and then roughly once a week since. One day around 20 weeks I threw up more than 10 times. I was too delirious (literally!) to keep count after 10. Have you ever thrown up in the bushes in public with an audience of strangers? How about pulling over and puking on the side of the road? In a bucket in your car while your mother-in-law drives you around? In front of the Walgreens guy as he dispenses your medicine while you wait in the drive-thru? It was so bad that my mother-in-law ended up missing a flight. I even asked Peter to come home from work which is really, really saying something. Maybe it was food poisoning? Whatever it was it was awful.
  10. I’ve been so busy with house stuff I feel like I haven’t given this pregnancy as much thought as I would have liked. Now I’m slowing down with house stuff and starting to focus more on baby prep, which is hard because there is so much more house stuff I want to get done. Clothes are washed and hanging in the closet, nursery is coming together, and I have most of the big items I need.
  11. The baby has no name and we don’t actually talk about it that much. I’m debating between John and Russell. Peter is not really into either one as far as I can tell, but we don’t discuss it much so I don’t know.
  12. We’ll meet this little guy in about five weeks!
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2015 Fall TV

  1. The Daily Show: Trevor Noah has potential, but it’s so hard to continue with a talk show when the host changes. Hopefully at some point I’ll stop wanting him to be exactly like Jon Stewart.
  2. The Late Show: This is making me sad. Love Colbert, but this is not his lane. I hope he can grow into this position and things will work out for the best.
  3. Code Black: Meh. Not as bad as I thought. I might just like it because Mona from Friends is in it.
  4. Nashville: I hate that I’m still watching.
  5. RHOOC: This entire season was about Brooks and it was annoying. Megan is the worst and was a bad choice in casting.
  6. RHONJ: Watching Joe ride a bike was awesome. He’s always needed a giant slice of humble pie.
  7. The Player: Meh. These are piling up on my dvr.
  8. HTGAWM: I hate Annalise’s storyline from college. It was so “shocking” that it was predictable and obnoxious. I just rolled my eyes the whole time. I liked last season better than this season, but I still like it.
  9. Dr. Ken: Terrible. I didn’t even make it through the first episode before I deleted it from my dvr.
  10. 90 Day Fiance: There are some good couples this season. I’m particularly interested in the mormons, the old/young couple, and the bartender who has roaches in his house.
  11. Sister Wives: You’ve heard about Meri, right? OUCH! It’s so obvious she’s miserable, and it’s hard to blame her. She’s never gotten over her fertility issues, her only child left, and she only has a husband 1/4 nights. Lonely people seek out comfort. Always. I’m surprised that Kody didn’t see this coming. I’m also calling BS on the Mormons telling Maddy she couldn’t get baptized. We are missing part of the story there for sure.
  12. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season one was so funny. It’s still entertaining, but it’s gone downhill.
  13. Manzo’d With Children: Better than last season.
  14. Blood & Oil: This is sort of a primetime soap opera type show, which doesn’t bother me, but I know it’s too cheesy for most people. I think I’d say it’s sort of a mix of Desperate Housewives and Dallas.
  15. Last Man On Earth: One of my top three shows that are on right now.
  16. Quantico: Fine. Worth watching for now, but I don’t love it.
  17. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I’ve only seen one episode so far, but I actually liked it better than I thought I would.
  18. Blindspot: Fine. Worth watching for now, but I don’t love it.
  19. Fargo: Good. Love Fargo.
  20. Monica the Medium: She is too much. I am certain she embellishes her readings and it drives me crazy.
  21. Fresh Off the Boat: I would have quit this a long time ago, but Peter likes it enough for me to keep it on the DVR as a show he can watch when he’s not actually watching.
  22. Limitless: Better than I thought! Even Peter likes it.
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Five house thoughts

  1. The list of projects we’ve done in the last nine weeks is exhausting. There is always something to do, and there is no end in sight. We haven’t had one single night of just hanging out or watching tv since we moved in. Tv is our favorite thing, so it’s been pretty lame.
  2. I’ll be sure to let you know when I start thinking home ownership makes us happy instead of annoyed.
  3. The list of things we’ve had to buy is mind blowing. So. Much. Money. It’s just floating away, one Saturday at a time.
  4. We spend far too much time on youtube learning how to do stuff and at Home Depot buying supplies.
  5. I’m so, so curious about this history of my house. Whenever I go back to Mapleton there is a new family or two who have moved onto my parent’s street. I lived on that street basically from the beginning of the street so I know all the original owners. I always feel like I know more about people’s houses on 1700 North in Mapleton than they do themselves. I wonder who lived in my house, what happened here, how it looked, etc.
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Three house thoughts

  1. We have a pool. It needed new plaster, tile and coping. Having a newly plastered pool is like having a puppy, and not in a fun way. In a needy, obnoxious way.
  2. Moving into someone else’s filth is really disgusting. The house required hours and hours and hours of cleaning. At first I thought I’d hire a service to do it, but the more I looked around the more I realized it needed a DEEP clean and I didn’t trust anyone to do it but myself so I knew it was done right. Between being pregnant, having a toddler, trying to pack my old house and managing all the contractors we had in and out doing other projects I knew I needed help, but not just any help. I had to have someone who had actual cleaning skills. Like…skills. So my sister came to Texas to help me! We scrubbed the house for days and even had an extra half a day to paint a room! Lucky me.
  3. Now that we are three weeks in, we still both agree that renting is far superior to owning. If I was rich, I’d rent forever.
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Five thoughts

  1. I am so tired of being busy doing stuff. We bought a house and it has consumed my every thought for the past two months. It is a 20 year old house and needed tons of work. So, so much work. It’s never ending and I’m over it. But that’s a post for another day.
  2. Bachelor in Paradise: I think this is one of my favorite seasons of a Bachelor spinoff. Lots of love, lots of drama, lots cheesy, lots of laughs, lots of entertainment! I’m sort of sad that Lauren went home because watching that train wreck was so, so fun. The sister drama was definitely dominating the show and was about to get annoying, so it’s probably a good thing she left. WHY are all the men wearing jewelry? I don’t want this to be a thing, but it seems to have been a thing through the past two seasons. I’m super anti men in jewelry. I’m so jealous of all their sun burns.
  3. It is so freaking hot in Texas. I’m so over it. We don’t even leave the house anymore unless we absolutely have to. Even going swimming is just annoying. It was 104 today and tomorrow will be 106. Gross. I wouldn’t mind so much if it cooled down, but it doesn’t. Right now it’s 10pm and it’s 93 degrees. This will be my life until November.
  4. I love being pregnant.
  5. Possibly the very worst thing about moving is losing your DVR.
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Kaitlyn the Bachelorette recap and Bachelor in Paradise thoughts

The past three weeks have been completely insane and busy. I was barely able to watch the show, let alone blog about it. Overall it was a fine season, but not my favorite. I think one thing that ruined it all for me was the rose ceremony mid-episode. I really hated that. The other thing I hated was the amount of time that they spent on the Shawn/Nick drama. Snoozefest.

First of all, congrats to Jess on winning our Bachelorette Bracket! I’m so glad she won because she was at the bottom for most of the season. She chose Britt as the Bachelorette and Ryan M to win it all. Luckily she had Shawn in the final two, so she beat us all! Just goes to show you never know how things will turn out in Bachelorland! Also, Peter needs an honorable mention for coming in second! 🙂

My bottom line is this: Hallaluja that Nick didn’t win.

Nick got his 15 minutes of fame in Andi’s season, which he stretched into 30 minutes with Kaitlyn, and he needed to be shut down. So, so glad he’s out of the picture. I’m just waiting to see what he tries to do next to keep himself in the limelight. Let’s all stop giving him attention, ok?

Kaitlyn and Shawn won’t last, but they actually looked super into each other at ATFR! I was surprised! I think I’ll give them a solid three months, I have faith in them.

Bachelor in Paradise is so great so far. A few thoughts:

  • I love Ashley I. so much. She’s my favorite. The relationship she has with her sister is hilarious and totally entertaining. They act like they are 14 and 15.
  • I’m worried about poor Carly. She took a giant beating from America because of her terrible eyebrows when she was on the Bachelor (including from me!), she fixed her brows, got extensions, and really glammed herself up for Bachelor in Paradise, fell in love with Kirk the first day…and I’m certain that Kirk is going to dump her within the first four episodes.
  • Jillian leaving was refreshing. I didn’t want to watch her for one single second.
  • Why is everyone obsessed with Jade? She’s cute, but she’s not the hottest, nor does she have the most sparkling personality. And it’s not like the playboy thing is anything special in this crowd. I don’t get it.
  • I’m embarrassed that Tenley is back. And Clare too. I think that is enough Bachelor for both of them.
  • Who the heck is Dan Cox?
  • Mikey T. is so embarrassing. Good thing he won’t last long enough to continue embarrassing himself on national television.
  • I’m voting on Jared winning. Not sure why all the girls are gaga over him when Tanner is around, but the Bachelor heart is predictably irrational and that is why we love it.
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