Jojo the Bachelorette — Week 2

  • Ok seriously, is Chad trying to be the villain? No one can be this big of a douche and not know that he’s the worst.
  • How can Jojo not feel like a total weirdo watching these guys do the fireman challenges?
  • I don’t like Luke. He’s too smooth and romantic and ew. Watching them kiss was awful. All the hands and slowness. Blah.
  • Derek is so cute! I don’t think he’s shiny enough for her though. He reminds me of Ben; a little too normal for The Bachelor.
  • Quote of the night: “If you’re making a protein shake made of the group of dudes here, and like, you know, blended it up, half of that dude protein shake would be, like, have zero chance.” -Chad
  • I have some breaking news: Derek has a hard time opening up. This might be the first time in bachelor history to have a contestant who has a hard time opening up. Rolling my eyes.
  • Bachelor Nation was a good idea. We actually learned about the guys and saw their personalities. Unlike those physical competitions that are just embarrassing.
  • Chad is making everyone uncomfortable. He’s trying WAY too hard to be “honest”. It’s weird. I think his approach is fine, but he took it all way too far. This tells me he’s just not that smart. Can’t read a room.
  • I think that James is really, really sweet. There is no way that he and Jojo will end up together, but I hope he finds a nice girl and doesn’t end up on Bachelor Pad.
  • Alex and Jojo in that big chair was the funniest moment of the episode. I think the producers put that big chair there and forced Alex to sit in it.
  • Nick. He’s trying too hard. I get the impression he doesn’t date much.
  • Chad really came off normal during his one on one time! Huh. Interesting.
  • It makes total sense that Jojo gave the rose to James. He’s sweet, and she can’t start off giving roses to the guys we all know will be the last guys. She has to spread the love early on instead of singling guys out as “favorites”.
  • Chad’s move to catch her before the cocktail party started was pretty genius. She didn’t seem into it at all, and she especially didn’t seem interested in the kiss.
  • Alex leading the pack in confronting Chad was ridiculous. They should all be high-fiving Chad for thinking of a way to get more time! Back down Alex, you’re dumb.
  • Chase and his mini-date with the snow was adorable. This guy is going far.
  • I LOVE that Chad is eating so much food. It makes me crazy to see all the beautiful food that no one eats. Eat Chad! Eat! We laughed and laughed watching this. It’s the best.
  • Alex has a serious case of short man syndrome. I really dislike him. Really, really.
  • Chad’s making us laugh! He’s awful, but come on…he’s not as bad as everyone is making him seem. I actually felt like Alex had it coming when Chad got in his face. Obviously Chad is psycho for taking it to a threatening level, but Alex was asking for it. Alex spent the night following Chad around picking on him and Chad snapped. It doesn’t seem that crazy. I think he might be a Michelle Money villain, as in, not actually a villain.
  • Evan is great. I like him a lot.
  • Bye, bye James, Brandon and Will.
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2 Responses to Jojo the Bachelorette — Week 2

  1. Jamie Ehat says:

    Seriously Alex in the giant chair was so funny. James T is so sweet. I love him but he’ll never win. Chad is horrible. I was laughing so hard with all the meat he was eating. It’s freaky how he can be normal with Jojo so fast. I have Derek winning the whole thing. I like him for now. Chase’s snow date was adorable. Also, Jordan’s hair is so gross. It almost makes me not like him.

  2. Meghan says:

    Selfishly, I miss your blog and your witticisms but understand that two kiddos makes it the least of your priorities. Hope all is well

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