Postpartum thoughts

  1. I can’t believe how nice people are after you have a baby. We had so many nice meals, gifts, offers to help and babysitters for Henry. It’s so, so nice.
  2. My doctor was the worst. I had such nice nurses and the hospital staff in general was wonderful, but my doctor was the pits. For some reason she was really down on me having a vaginal delivery. She pushed and pushed and pushed a c-section and literally TOLD ME that it would be better for her schedule that way. SHE LITERALLY SAID THAT. I told all my nurses all day I would only have a c-section if I needed one and that I would continue to push back to my doctor unless the baby or I was in danger. All throughout labor she kept telling me that I “couldn’t do it” and that John was too big and “would never fit”. It was pretty unreal. The whole ordeal was incredibly painful (yes, I had an epidural) and miserable. Really, really miserable.
  3. John is six weeks old and I’ve only had both kids all day long by myself a handful of times. I’ve had friends come get Henry for the day, my mom here, my in-laws here, and my best friend here. It’s a nice way to ease into our new normal.
  4. During labor with Henry I pushed for 2.5 hours and used every single muscle in my body. I was super, super sore. My face even hurt and I had red spots all over my face and neck (broken blood vessels?) for at least a week afterwards. I was so, so worn out by the time he came I couldn’t keep my eyes open or really even function at all. This time around the pushing was only 17 minutes, thanks to my stupid doctor who immediately gave me an episiotomy and used the vacuum because she was apparently too busy to wait around for the baby to come as he wanted.
  5. I can’t really remember the recovery with Henry, but I think this time around was worse.
  6. I’m so glad I had such a great delivery with Henry and I know that the whole ordeal doesn’t have to be miserable and terrible.
  7. After I had Henry I was totally satisfied with him and didn’t care if I ever had another baby. Even days after I had John I wanted another. Giving Henry a brother was maybe the best thing I’ve ever done.
  8. My days in the hospital were so wonderful. John is an angel. I just got to hold him all day and night. I missed Henry like crazy, but I’m so glad I had those days to myself just to be with John. It was really wonderful and I was sad to leave.
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One Response to Postpartum thoughts

  1. Lesli says:

    That is REALLY unfortunate that your doctor was so crappy. If you had an episiotomy I’m sure your recovery was worse this time. I had one for one baby and it took so long to sit normally again. The other three, I was sitting the next day. I really feel bad your doctor forced you into that. I also completely understand what you mean with more kids. After I had Josh I wanted him to be an only child, the only reason we had more was because Brent wanted more. Then the minute they gave me Natalie to hold, I thought she is an older sister. I then spent the next three years convincing Brent she was an older sister, it was a hard sale.

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