35 Weeks Pregnant

  1. I love being pregnant, I’m getting really sad that I’m nearing the end.
  2. I don’t remember feeling aches and pains when I was pregnant with Henry, but this time I am. I don’t know if it’s because I’m older, started out heavier, or if it’s just different.
  3. A few weeks ago while lifting Henry out of the car I hurt my back. It was an entire week of pain. Back pain is the pits, it makes you incapable of doing anything.
  4. Skipping Pie Night this year is actually a relief. I thought I’d be sad skipping it, but it’s nice to take a year off!
  5. I have rarely felt this baby move until a few weeks ago. My doctor says it’s because my placenta is in the front, but let’s hope it’s because I have a lazy baby. Not feeling him has been a bummer. I worked so hard to get pregnant and then got screwed out of the best part! Around 33 weeks the baby was finally strong enough that I could feel large movements, which has been great.
  6. With Henry I was not looking forward to his arrival. Being pregnant was so fun and having a baby was a big unknown. This time around I am so thrilled to be giving Henry a brother that I am looking forward to the actual baby part.
  7. I am forced to use an OB with this baby, which has been a bummer. I used a midwife for Henry and had a super fantastic experience. Texas doesn’t do midwives! There is only ONE within a 25 minute drive and for a number of reasons it didn’t make sense to use her. My OB is fine I guess, but I’m nervous about my delivery. I have a feeling it will not go nearly as well as my experience with Henry.
  8. The thing I’m the most nervous for is leaving Henry while I’m in the hospital. I have never been away from him for more than a few hours. I’m going to miss him! I know this is overly dramatic, but I also am nervous about how he is going to feel without me.
  9. Heartburn with Henry was awful. It’s bad with this baby too, but not nearly as bad as with Henry. I’ve thrown up about the same amount. I threw up almost daily for about 17 weeks and then roughly once a week since. One day around 20 weeks I threw up more than 10 times. I was too delirious (literally!) to keep count after 10. Have you ever thrown up in the bushes in public with an audience of strangers? How about pulling over and puking on the side of the road? In a bucket in your car while your mother-in-law drives you around? In front of the Walgreens guy as he dispenses your medicine while you wait in the drive-thru? It was so bad that my mother-in-law ended up missing a flight. I even asked Peter to come home from work which is really, really saying something. Maybe it was food poisoning? Whatever it was it was awful.
  10. I’ve been so busy with house stuff I feel like I haven’t given this pregnancy as much thought as I would have liked. Now I’m slowing down with house stuff and starting to focus more on baby prep, which is hard because there is so much more house stuff I want to get done. Clothes are washed and hanging in the closet, nursery is coming together, and I have most of the big items I need.
  11. The baby has no name and we don’t actually talk about it that much. I’m debating between John and Russell. Peter is not really into either one as far as I can tell, but we don’t discuss it much so I don’t know.
  12. We’ll meet this little guy in about five weeks!
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2 Responses to 35 Weeks Pregnant

  1. mccallnewland says:

    I love reading these from you! I had a lot of anxiety about leaving Lennon when I had Gwen. I was the same — I had never left him! It was hard, but he did fine and it was so nice to have that alone time with the baby and get to know her. I’m excited for you!

  2. I’m so so excited for you to have a second baby. It’s magical to see your oldest fall in love with the baby. And you just love them both all the more for it.
    I’m sorry about the OB thing. Having had two terrible birth experiences first and a much better one the third time around, I have some clear ideas of things I could have done in the hospital with the first two that might have made a difference. If you’re interested, you could email me and I’d be happy to share them, but I know baby advice is not always welcome 🙂 I really really hope it goes smoothly for you.

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