2015 Fall TV

  1. The Daily Show: Trevor Noah has potential, but it’s so hard to continue with a talk show when the host changes. Hopefully at some point I’ll stop wanting him to be exactly like Jon Stewart.
  2. The Late Show: This is making me sad. Love Colbert, but this is not his lane. I hope he can grow into this position and things will work out for the best.
  3. Code Black: Meh. Not as bad as I thought. I might just like it because Mona from Friends is in it.
  4. Nashville: I hate that I’m still watching.
  5. RHOOC: This entire season was about Brooks and it was annoying. Megan is the worst and was a bad choice in casting.
  6. RHONJ: Watching Joe ride a bike was awesome. He’s always needed a giant slice of humble pie.
  7. The Player: Meh. These are piling up on my dvr.
  8. HTGAWM: I hate Annalise’s storyline from college. It was so “shocking” that it was predictable and obnoxious. I just rolled my eyes the whole time. I liked last season better than this season, but I still like it.
  9. Dr. Ken: Terrible. I didn’t even make it through the first episode before I deleted it from my dvr.
  10. 90 Day Fiance: There are some good couples this season. I’m particularly interested in the mormons, the old/young couple, and the bartender who has roaches in his house.
  11. Sister Wives: You’ve heard about Meri, right? OUCH! It’s so obvious she’s miserable, and it’s hard to blame her. She’s never gotten over her fertility issues, her only child left, and she only has a husband 1/4 nights. Lonely people seek out comfort. Always. I’m surprised that Kody didn’t see this coming. I’m also calling BS on the Mormons telling Maddy she couldn’t get baptized. We are missing part of the story there for sure.
  12. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season one was so funny. It’s still entertaining, but it’s gone downhill.
  13. Manzo’d With Children: Better than last season.
  14. Blood & Oil: This is sort of a primetime soap opera type show, which doesn’t bother me, but I know it’s too cheesy for most people. I think I’d say it’s sort of a mix of Desperate Housewives and Dallas.
  15. Last Man On Earth: One of my top three shows that are on right now.
  16. Quantico: Fine. Worth watching for now, but I don’t love it.
  17. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I’ve only seen one episode so far, but I actually liked it better than I thought I would.
  18. Blindspot: Fine. Worth watching for now, but I don’t love it.
  19. Fargo: Good. Love Fargo.
  20. Monica the Medium: She is too much. I am certain she embellishes her readings and it drives me crazy.
  21. Fresh Off the Boat: I would have quit this a long time ago, but Peter likes it enough for me to keep it on the DVR as a show he can watch when he’s not actually watching.
  22. Limitless: Better than I thought! Even Peter likes it.
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