Three house thoughts

  1. We have a pool. It needed new plaster, tile and coping. Having a newly plastered pool is like having a puppy, and not in a fun way. In a needy, obnoxious way.
  2. Moving into someone else’s filth is really disgusting. The house required hours and hours and hours of cleaning. At first I thought I’d hire a service to do it, but the more I looked around the more I realized it needed a DEEP clean and I didn’t trust anyone to do it but myself so I knew it was done right. Between being pregnant, having a toddler, trying to pack my old house and managing all the contractors we had in and out doing other projects I knew I needed help, but not just any help. I had to have someone who had actual cleaning skills. Like…skills. So my sister came to Texas to help me! We scrubbed the house for days and even had an extra half a day to paint a room! Lucky me.
  3. Now that we are three weeks in, we still both agree that renting is far superior to owning. If I was rich, I’d rent forever.
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