Five thoughts

  1. I am so tired of being busy doing stuff. We bought a house and it has consumed my every thought for the past two months. It is a 20 year old house and needed tons of work. So, so much work. It’s never ending and I’m over it. But that’s a post for another day.
  2. Bachelor in Paradise: I think this is one of my favorite seasons of a Bachelor spinoff. Lots of love, lots of drama, lots cheesy, lots of laughs, lots of entertainment! I’m sort of sad that Lauren went home because watching that train wreck was so, so fun. The sister drama was definitely dominating the show and was about to get annoying, so it’s probably a good thing she left. WHY are all the men wearing jewelry? I don’t want this to be a thing, but it seems to have been a thing through the past two seasons. I’m super anti men in jewelry. I’m so jealous of all their sun burns.
  3. It is so freaking hot in Texas. I’m so over it. We don’t even leave the house anymore unless we absolutely have to. Even going swimming is just annoying. It was 104 today and tomorrow will be 106. Gross. I wouldn’t mind so much if it cooled down, but it doesn’t. Right now it’s 10pm and it’s 93 degrees. This will be my life until November.
  4. I love being pregnant.
  5. Possibly the very worst thing about moving is losing your DVR.
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