Kaitlyn the Bachelorette recap and Bachelor in Paradise thoughts

The past three weeks have been completely insane and busy. I was barely able to watch the show, let alone blog about it. Overall it was a fine season, but not my favorite. I think one thing that ruined it all for me was the rose ceremony mid-episode. I really hated that. The other thing I hated was the amount of time that they spent on the Shawn/Nick drama. Snoozefest.

First of all, congrats to Jess on winning our Bachelorette Bracket! I’m so glad she won because she was at the bottom for most of the season. She chose Britt as the Bachelorette and Ryan M to win it all. Luckily she had Shawn in the final two, so she beat us all! Just goes to show you never know how things will turn out in Bachelorland! Also, Peter needs an honorable mention for coming in second! 🙂

My bottom line is this: Hallaluja that Nick didn’t win.

Nick got his 15 minutes of fame in Andi’s season, which he stretched into 30 minutes with Kaitlyn, and he needed to be shut down. So, so glad he’s out of the picture. I’m just waiting to see what he tries to do next to keep himself in the limelight. Let’s all stop giving him attention, ok?

Kaitlyn and Shawn won’t last, but they actually looked super into each other at ATFR! I was surprised! I think I’ll give them a solid three months, I have faith in them.

Bachelor in Paradise is so great so far. A few thoughts:

  • I love Ashley I. so much. She’s my favorite. The relationship she has with her sister is hilarious and totally entertaining. They act like they are 14 and 15.
  • I’m worried about poor Carly. She took a giant beating from America because of her terrible eyebrows when she was on the Bachelor (including from me!), she fixed her brows, got extensions, and really glammed herself up for Bachelor in Paradise, fell in love with Kirk the first day…and I’m certain that Kirk is going to dump her within the first four episodes.
  • Jillian leaving was refreshing. I didn’t want to watch her for one single second.
  • Why is everyone obsessed with Jade? She’s cute, but she’s not the hottest, nor does she have the most sparkling personality. And it’s not like the playboy thing is anything special in this crowd. I don’t get it.
  • I’m embarrassed that Tenley is back. And Clare too. I think that is enough Bachelor for both of them.
  • Who the heck is Dan Cox?
  • Mikey T. is so embarrassing. Good thing he won’t last long enough to continue embarrassing himself on national television.
  • I’m voting on Jared winning. Not sure why all the girls are gaga over him when Tanner is around, but the Bachelor heart is predictably irrational and that is why we love it.
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One Response to Kaitlyn the Bachelorette recap and Bachelor in Paradise thoughts

  1. Heather D. says:

    Hey Liz!! Can I just say that I LOVE your Bachelor/ette blogging?!!! Anyway, call me crazy, but I don’t hate Nick. I wasn’t cheering for him, but I just didn’t hate him like the rest of the world. I feel like he was actually genuine about his feelings for Kaitlyn and I totally felt bad for him in the end.
    Literally everything you said about Bachelor in Paradise are my thoughts exactly – EVERYTHING!! Not even exaggerating — Jade, Jared – I don’t get the obsession with either? Jillian, yuck… Tenley and Clare, sad… Poor Carly – I still think her eyebrows could use a little love… Mickey, icky… Ashley I & Lauren, crack me up. They cry exactly the same. Love it! I’m so glad you watch this. I was just thinking to myself that I’m probably too old to be watching this stuff, lol. You’re so lucky to have a hubby that watches it with you. Cesar thinks it ridiculous and wants nothing to do with it.

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