Kaitlyn the Bachelorette — Week 8

  • Ben H is a sweetheart. He is genuine. I don’t really like them together, but I like him ok.
  • Wait. I wrote that before Ben said that he fears that he’s unlovable. What is that about? Thumbs down.
  • I felt so bad for Joe when he told Kaitlyn he was in love with her. Sad. I think guys like Joe are the guys I feel the worst for. The ones that think they have a chance but totally don’t.
  • I love that Sean won’t even say “Nick” he calls him “the other guy”. Ha! I’m with you Sean, Nick is the worst.
  • I can’t decide how I feel about Sean and Kaitlyn. I can’t tell if he is really into her and is just reserved about how he shows affection, or if he only thinks he is into her because of the weird Bachelor environment he’s in.
  • Pink is not Sean’s color.
  • I understand Sean being upset, but he has to know it was just a matter of time. It either happened last week or it was going to happen in the fantasy suite.
  • I respect Sean’s initial reaction to Kaitlyn’s news! He is visibly upset, but he doesn’t act on his emotion. He is calm enough to realize he needs to take a beat to think things through before he decides how he feels and how he will respond to Kaitlyn. This is a positive quality in a spouse. I hope Kaitlyn realizes that.
  • I’m so mad that Nick keeps saying how he’s had less than half the time with Kaitlyn than the other guys have had. UM???? YOU SPENT THE NIGHT WITH HER. That pretty much trumps all the practically meaningless minutes that Ben H has had with her.
  • Kaitlyn wants Sean to be mad! He gives the best possible response and she keeps a stale look on her face like she really expected/wanted fireworks. Was she trying to push him away?
  • Can I say one more time that Nick is the worst? He loves to hear himself talk and it’s always stupid. He’s stupid. I feel like he is downplaying their relationship in order to be bros with the other guys. “All you guys have had so much more time than I have. I don’t feel confident at all. I’m so nervous.” Stop. Just act normal.
  • Kaitlyn’s poker face is too good. When she’s talking to the guys I want her to have some emotion and feeling on her face.
  • Despite the fact that Ben would make a way better husband than Jared, I’m surprised that Ben stayed over Jared. She’s been so hot for Jared from the very beginning, and Bachelorettes have a history of going on feeling rather than logic. But regardless, congrats to Jared for staying this long! You’d think that beard would have gotten him sent home weeks ago!
  • Did anyone else catch that giant tub of protein powder on Sean’s nightstand?
  • Nick is a master at this game. I feel like he’s tricking Kaitlyn and doing a fantastic job. He’s in it to win in. I don’t believe anything he says.
  • Sean should have left Nick alone. It was pretty uncool of him to confront Nick in his hotel room. What is the point? Maybe he’s had too much protein powder. He needs to chill.
  • I just realized I’ve said that Sean needs to chill like 10 times this season. It’s weird that he can get so riled up about things, but in the moment when you’d think he’d come unglued (when Kaitlyn confessed) he was totally calm. What is that about??
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2 Responses to Kaitlyn the Bachelorette — Week 8

  1. Jamie says:

    Chill your beans Shawn!! He seriously needs to play it cool. And she just needs to pick Ben already.

  2. meghan says:

    Hope all is well! Missing your wit and charm with the finale being done.

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