Kaitlyn the Bachelorette — Week 6 & 7


  • Ian is a tool. His display was embarrassing and stupid. He was just trying to be mean. It was like watching a kid on the playground who got picked last and decides to take the ball and go home. What a sore loser.
  • Guys. Kaitlyn is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Chris is such a dork.
  • Nick is the worst. I can’t stand him at all. I think the issue is that he’s a total dork but he thinks he’s super cool. If you’re a dork, be a dork. You’re not fooling anyone. Except maybe Kaitlyn???
  • The whole Nick/Kaitlyn thing was awesome and frustrating. I would have preferred her to have zero regret and zero awkwardness about it. Own it! I was enjoying that she was just going with what she wanted to do, despite the “rules” of the game. But then the next morning she was crying about how it was a huge mistake. Uncool Kaitlyn! If there is any ounce of you that will regret it, I judge you for going through with it. Are you an out of control teenager who can’t understand consequences? Were you too distracted by his gross hair and too-tight pants to think about how you’d feel in the morning?
  • Shawn is too serious for Kaitlyn. He can’t even enjoy the group date. He’s just standing around awkwardly, looking like he wants to throw up.
  • Shawn showing pics of his family was genius. Kaitlyn loved it. Seriously so smart.
  • The best part of this episode was THE CRANBERRIES. Omg how hilarious was that? I’m fairly certain that Jared is too young to even know who they are. They were not nearly as excited as they should have been about that. (crying laughing face emoji!)


  • Whoa. Have we ever seen a contestant ask straight up if the Bachelor/Bachelorette if they were in love with them? I like it! Go Shawn!
  • Kaitlyn didn’t make any attempt to keep him. I wanted her to say, “Look, there are nine other guys here. I have to be totally fair to each of them, because that is what is fair to me and to you. Let the process happen. Don’t go, just hold out and let’s make it work.” But instead she said, “You’ll just have to decide if you can do this” and gave him the stink eye and if she was daring him to go.
  • She keeps going back and forth on what she’s saying. Nick is a mistake, but he wasn’t, but he was, but he wasn’t. Rolling my eyes. She should have told Shawn right then what happened between her and Nick. It’s always best to get ahead of a situation like this. It’s never a good idea to keep secrets!
  • Joe is a sweet guy, but come on. I felt bad when he told Kaitlyn he was falling in love with him. As much as I can’t picture Kaitlyn and Joe together, I really, really can’t see her with JJ. I’m glad he went home. But Joe is on the chopping block next week.
  • It drives me completely crazy that they never eat the food. I had a freaking waffle for dinner, and they are letting all their delicious food go to waste. It kills me.
  • I am SO tired of hearing Shawn whine! Stop! He needs to chill out and act like a man. Although, to be fair, I guess that is exactly how a man would act. Jealous and mad seeing their girl kiss other guys.
  • Your girlfriend opens her door in tears and you don’t even attempt to console her??? Yikes. Shawn must be mad. Or insensitive.
  • The second couch conversation was much better than the first. I’m glad Kaitlyn told him to chill and to just let the process happen. Good. Can we move on now?
  • Shawn’s royal blue jacket with black lapels is ugly.
  • Peter thinks all the guys need a Midol. Agree.
  • Nick is such a tool! Seriously can’t stand him at all. Can anyone? Does he have any fans??? Ug I can barely watch him. I wanted to punch him when he started crying. That was an act, right? Even Kaitlyn wasn’t buying it. Oh wait, then she says she did buy it. I don’t buy that she bought it.
  • Oh wow. Shawn and Kaitlyn’s third conversation. Wow. Let’s recap their conversations this episode:
    • One: He thought he had the upper hand, he wanted validation, he didn’t get it and left her room confused at why a woman wouldn’t be begging him to stay. He issues an empty threat of leaving.
    • Two: He comes crawling back the next night to say he still likes her and wants to stay. He gets a pep talk from her, but no real validation. He finally realizes he does not have the upper hand, Kaitlyn does. He panics.
    • Three: Kaitlyn is over it and tells him to cool his jets or he’s outta here. He looks at her with desperation, pleading with her to reconsider with his eyes (which she should because Ryan Gosling).
  • I’m shocked that Chris stayed over Ben and Tanner! Chris belongs with like Snow White or Belle or something.
  • Kaitlyn needs to give Jared an ultimatum: shave the beard or go home.
  • Kaitlyn and Jared are pals. They have a nice connection and it’s fun to watch them enjoy each other. There is no way they would ever end up married, but they’re cute and fun.
  • I like the idea of them having fantasy suite dates prior to the family dates. I always feel bad that they meet so many families. It doesn’t seem fair to their mothers.
  • Watching Chris and Kaitlyn kiss is like watching a super creepy uncle his his niece. Just weird and awkward. Zero passion, just weirdness. And he can’t stop looking at her. She doesn’t need your constant eye contact! Stop looking at her!
  • Cupcake’s tears tell us all we need to know about him.
  • Let’s hope next week we see more of Ben H, less of Nick, and that Shawn can act like a man again.
  • Wait. Stop. Hold the phones. Jared can’t drive a stick. No. No. No. I can’t handle this information.
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