Kaitlyn The Bachelorette — Week 5

  • Nick is so stupid, but I think all the attacking questions were a bit much when he first walked in the hotel room. If he’s fake and there for the wrong reasons, his true colors will come out and then they can all move on. Until then, just be polite, or at the very least ignore him. Sounds they are all just jealous and jealously doesn’t look good on anyone. I think part of the problem is that they are all cooped up in a hotel room and have nothing to think about but drama. I hope when they watch this all back they realize they are acting like a bunch of whiny babies.
  • Peter says: “Shawn sure is sensitive. And not in a good way.” Amen.
  • I want to say again that I HATE HATE HATE the rose ceremony at the beginning of the episode instead of the end. I hope abc gets enough hate to change it back for next season.
  • Ben H: Right off the bat I love this guy because of the way he taught those little kids about the birds and the bees last week. He’s a sweet guy, but I’m not sure he’s the guy for Kaitlyn. He is a little too puppy dog for her.
  • Side note: The singer is named Dale. I love that name and really want to name the baby Dale (boy or girl, but more for a girl). Peter isn’t into it. If you see him, mention how much you like the name.
  • Another performing date? Aren’t we over that yet? Let’s switch it up.
  • Peter says he hasn’t liked a bachelorette in a long time but he really likes Kaitlyn. I agree, she’s pretty good.
  • They toasted to “tight pants”. Agree.
  • Idaho boy Joshua called Kaitlyn a barber. This is an Idaho boy move.
  • Nick and Kaitlyn need to stop kissing. Please, please stop.
  • Kaitlyn seems like a no drama girl, but she does have a lot of drama. It seems like every episode has a situation.
  • Oh no! Poor Joshua! It’s true that all the guys were throwing him under the bus, but he asked for it. Speaking for others is always a bad idea.
  • It was nice of Shawn to speak up for Josh. Shawn seems like a stand up guy. I like him.
  • WHOA! Shawn is falling in love with Kaitlyn already?! And she feels the same way! I think he could win as long as he doesn’t continue to act like a whiny baby. I think if they end up together she would wear the pants and he would be the strong silent provider type.
  • “I don’t understand why Kaitlyn wouldn’t want a Princeton graduate, former model that defied death and has been around the world a couple of times.” Um…it’s because you say things like that. Douche. This is a classic example of someone who knows he’s going home and he wants to beat her to the punch to save an ounce of his pride. What a loser.
  • Obvi I have my DVR set the the Bachelor Celebrity Family Feud.
  • Shawn is a real man and I think he could be a great husband, but her heat with Jared is pretty obvious. Jared just seems so young. I can’t picture them together at all.
  • So wait, does Ian really think he has a shot at being the next bachelor? For real? Is that just something to say, or is he actually campaigning?
  • What the heck was that conversation between Kaitlyn and Ian? What was his goal? Just to hurt her feelings and be mean? I don’t understand what outcome he was looking for.
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One Response to Kaitlyn The Bachelorette — Week 5

  1. Aania says:

    LIZ!!!! I love for your comments each week! And I just couldn’t wait to see what you thought this week! Ugh!! Thank you for saying excuse what I was thinking! I love it:) hope your feeling well!!

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