Kaitlyn the Bachelorette — Week 4

  • Clint: I don’t have a lot to say about this. Obvi he was trying to get his face on the cover of People magazine as the villain of the season and trying to get on Bachelor Pad. I don’t really care about him or his lies or his game.
  • JJ and Clint are such close talkers it’s uncomfortable. Their confrontation was so weird. And they crying? Weird. But the slap! Ha! Possibly one of the best moments in Bach history.
  • I can’t stand when contestants get mad about a new person coming in. Shawn’s reaction was particularly annoying. He’s questioning their relationship because she is obviously not confident enough in what they have and is searching for more elsewhere??? Shawn, you’re an idiot. She’s dating 10+ other people. It’s not just you and her. I think the correct response is, “Ok! Can’t wait to meet him!” Justin’s response was the best, “The more the merrier!”
  • I went back in my blog to find out what I thought about Nick from Andi’s season. I didn’t blog about the whole season (that was when I had my miscarriage and generally had a lot going on that summer), so I can’t remember what I thought about him at the time. But the fact that I barely remember anything about him says something, right?
  • How awesome was it to see crazy Ashley S act normal?! Love it. We need to see this girl on Bachelor Pad.
  • Nick and Kaitlyn kissing is gross. Nick is gross. Peter pointed out that he looks just like the nerd on Empire Records. Ha!
  • The guys hanging around their hotel in lounge wear is always so sexy. They all look so smokin’ in plain tshirts and sweats.
  • ABC is really trying to milk the Nick drama. It’s not that dramatic. Move on. I’m annoyed that this entire episode was about this.
  • I’m really digging Idaho welder boy! He’s cute.
  • Peter says he can’t tell if Ian is a really nice guy or a douche bag. I agree.
  • I thought Chris was pretty cool until tonight. He’s a little too much for me. When he wanted to be silent and take in the moment I wanted to punch him. I think Kaitlyn did too.
  • I can’t even tell you how mad I am at abc for the rose ceremony situation. So. Freaking. Stupid. I hate them for this.
  • Overall, I didn’t like this episode at all. Nothing happened. If this is all that abc has to offer us for this season I’m really disappointed.
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One Response to Kaitlyn the Bachelorette — Week 4

  1. Jamie says:

    Boo. I hated everything about this episode too. I’ve hated Nick from the first time I saw him. He’s a creeper. Ew

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