Kaitlyn The Bachelorette — Week 2

  • Britt was wearing her shoes on her hotel bed and on the sofa. Even if your in a hotel, how can you stomach putting your shoes on upholstery? Disgusting. Do any of you think that Brady and Britt were actually into each other? It was just right place right time, right???
  • Ug you know how much I hate the competition dates. I hate physical displays of who is the manliest. I did not like watching the boxing. AT ALL. I think what always makes these dates worse is when the Bachelorette keeps saying things like, “Oh! I didn’t know it was going to be like this! I feel so bad! I didn’t want anyone to get hurt!” Stop it. Remember when they made the one arm girl roller derby? Terrible.
  • Kaitlyn seems very genuine when she talks one-on-one with each guy. I like her more and more all the time.
  • Jared needs to shave. It’s so gross. He looks like a 14 year old boy who thinks he is growing a beard. It’s patchy and yucky.
  • I’m not into Justin. He wears a hemp necklace. Enough said.
  • Jared’s kiss with Kaitlyn was way better than Ben’s kiss.
  • The underwater date was fun. It was intimate, but not forced and weird. Fun.
  • Clint seems cool. I like him, but he’s pretty vanilla. I want to see more of his personality. Kaitlyn seemed comfortable and happy with him, but we haven’t heard him say much other than “ya. uh huh. for sure. yes.”
  • Amy Schumer is one of my favorites. She cracks me up. She was super funny tonight! Her conversation with JJ was making us both laugh out loud.
  • I really like Chris the dentist. He seems really sweet. I can’t wait to see more of him.
  • JJ isn’t going to make it very far. He’s a real jerk. Why can’t he just let Tony be? He’s mean. Also, their kiss was the worst kiss we’ve seen this season so far.
  • JJ GOT THE ROSE??? Insane. He’s the villain of the season and I think he deserves it.
  • I get that you feel the need to spill your entire life story in order to make sure you will get a rose, but sometimes the guys choose the wrong time. Watching Kaitlyn and Ian have his serious conversation while awkwardly holding hands in front of the house while standing up…yikes. Just save your story for a more personal time.
  • Kupah’s race comments made me uncomfortable. Uncool. Is that really the card you pull when you aren’t getting your way? Very uncool.
  • Kupah needs way, way too much validation. Send him home! When he was surprised to hear that she had felt a connection but no longer did I wanted to punch him. He wanted her to gush over him and when she didn’t he was shocked. Loser. I think he’s lacking in some self-confidence, probably because a girl has never told him no before. Now he’s backpedaling. No Kupah, you blew it.
  • I’m impressed at how decisive Kaitlyn seems to be. She is also more emotional than I thought she was.
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