Henry at 2.5

Henry is already two and a half! He’s the best ever.

  • He is constantly lining up his cars or making piles of his cars. Once they are all lined up, he’ll move them one by one to another line or pile across the room. He spends a LOT of time moving piles/lines of cars to different locations in the house.
  • He talks all day long and is constantly making observations about his surroundings.
  • He LOVES to snuggle. He comes to me several times a day and asks if we can “have a little snuggle on the couch”. He also wakes up in the middle of the night from time to time moaning that he wants one of us to cuddle with him.
  • He has a balance bike and a scooter. He doesn’t like either one and prefers running.
  • He insists on bringing one or two cars to the park. He pushes them on the swing, races them down the slide, etc.
  • He sleeps in a big boy bed, which he loves, but we are a long way away from potty training.
  • His cars are his friends. He probably has close to 100 and he knows just about every one of them by name. He asks for specific cars all the time and when he loses one he never forgets about it.
  • He’s still a great shopper and can spend hours at the mall. Going to the mall is his most requested activity. When I ask him what he wants to do on a particular day he tells me he’d like to go to the mall (or target, costco, chick-fil-a, the park, or a friend’s house).
  • He tells us he loves us often. When Peter leaves for work in the morning he says, “Love you Daddy. Have a good day at work Daddy. Miss you to the moon Daddy. “
  • He loves friends. If he meets a new friend at the park he talks about him for a week.
  • He is almost always happy. He tells me several times a day that he’s, “having SO MUCH FUN.”
  • When Peter is home we both put him to bed together. After we are ready to say goodnight he begs Peter to stay and snuggle with him some more. Sometimes Peter will stay in there for an extra hour and they are laughing the entire time.
  • He is great at saying please, thank you, and sorry.
  • He asks several times a day if I’ll tell him a story. Often he gives me a topic, which usually involves me, Peter, and one of his cars.
  • His favorite books are Go Dog Go, Larry Gets Lost in Boston and Dragons Love Tacos
  • His favorite movie is Charlotte’s Web (the Dakota Fanning version)
  • He loves pears, cottage cheese, strawberries, Laughing Cow cheese, chocolate milk, waffles and celery.
  • He’s obsessed with Peter. They have great adventures together and love to spend time together, with our without me.
  • He loves thunder, lightening and jumping in puddles.
  • I buzzed his hair for summer and whenever people tell him it’s cute he says, “It’s called a buzz cut.” He also rubs his head and tells me he has fuzzy hair.
  • He is getting good at imaginary play. He acts out scenarios with his toys/cars. Yesterday he built a “house” of blocks and was inviting cars inside for cookies and pretending that the mom inside was making everyone quesadillas. He also has a game of “pouring” several cars into Peter’s sneakers, then using the other sneaker to pour in imaginary milk, then eating his “cereal” from the sneaker.
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One Response to Henry at 2.5

  1. Lara says:

    Henry sounds like the cutest, sweetest, smartest 2.5 year old ever. Colby is in a monster stage of terrible 3’s where he’s really loud and demanding. Can we switch kids for a while? šŸ™‚ PS we are so excited for you guys and your news!

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