Five thoughts

  1. I finally tried pretzel m&ms, only about eight years after they came out. Not a fan.
  2. Seriously, house hunting. We’ve seen SO many houses and we are more confused than ever. We are pretty indecisive in general, so this process is torture. I think we have it narrowed down to 4-5 different areas. But talk to me tomorrow and I’ll be back to square one. I think part of the issue is that neither of us have a burning desire to be homeowners. Peter is reeeeeeally making our realtor work. Seeing how this process works makes me never, ever, ever want to be a realtor.
  3. Speaking of indecisive, Peter recently bought seven pairs of shoes and spent two weeks staring at them and walking around the house in them trying to settle on one.
  4. My hair is quite possibly the ugliest it’s ever been in my life, aside from when I lived in Sweden. It’s bad.
  5. Today I watched two of my friend’s kids. She has seven children, and I had her six year old and four year old. It was so funny to spend time with kids from a big family. They reminded me of my own childhood. At one point I had this conversation with the kids:
    Kid 1: “Where is everyone else?”
    Me: “Who? What do you mean?”
    Kids: Blank stares.
    Kid 1: “Everyone else. Where are they?”

    Me: “Henry doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. It’s just me, Henry, and Henry’s dad.”
    Kid 1: “ALL these toys are just for one kid?!”
    Kid 2: “Who does he play with? He must be so lonely! Does he play ALL ALONE?”
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One Response to Five thoughts

  1. anna says:

    Agreed – pretzel M&M’s are not good.

    Now I want to see a picture of your hair.

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