Eleven tv thoughts

  1. Better Call Saul: We both love this! Breaking Bad is one of my favorite series and so far Better Call Saul is living up to my expectations. I like watching Saul’s wrestle between good and evil but knowing what he ends up choosing in the end. Am I the only one who didn’t realize he was Saul Goodman “s’all good, man”???
  2. Downton Abbey: Edith’s storyline is my favorite part of the show. I could never, ever leave Henry behind, no matter what. Grandma’s storyline right now is fun to watch, she’s so torn between what is right and what she wants to do (aren’t we all?). I love that Mary is such a brat. I want Mary and Tom to get married. Did Anna really kill that guy!? I hope so! But if she did she’ll get away with it for sure, they can’t put her in jail.
  3. The Mindy Project: Where are they going with this? Will it fizzle now that all the possible stoylines are being played out? I like Mindy and Danny together, but will this whole thing really result in a baby, living together, and a new practice? That’s a lot for one season. But I do like that something big happens in most episodes to keep me on the hook.
  4. Fresh Off the Boat: The kid is actually sort of funny but I’m super annoyed that they aren’t actually fresh off the boat. Isn’t that the point of the show? Also, the fake accents are terrible.
  5. Married at First Sight: I love the idea of this! I just discovered it (thanks, L!) and I’m a fan of the idea, but not so much the show itself.
  6. The Americans: Over it, but still watching. The only thing I care about is the daughter and the secret wife.
  7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: This is crashing and burning.
  8. Backstrom: Meh. They pile up on the DVR, but they are entertaining enough to play catch-up from time to time. I’m not sure I can get on board with Sarah Chalke being Backstrom’s ex.
  9. The Blacklist: Stoooooop. Peter still likes this, so I’m basically forced to watch. Lizzy is a bad actress and Red is just stupid. The calm, slyness is just stupid.
  10. Jane the Virgin: Meh. I like this, but for some reason I can’t really get that into it. I can’t decide if I don’t like the story, or I don’t like the format of the show (like all the text on the screen and the narrator).
  11. Sister Wives: Oh gosh, those antho students were dumb. They acted as if they were conducting a scientific study. Also, Kody is such a loser. His “nice guy” thing is such an act. He’s not likable in any way.
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2 Responses to Eleven tv thoughts

  1. Paige says:

    Regarding #8 – I’m liking the later episodes more than the first couple now that they’re focusing a little more on the supporting characters as well and not JUST Backstrom (the character is a bit much when there’s nothing else to balance him out). But I’m with you. I TOTALLY don’t buy Sarah Chalke as his ex.

  2. Lara says:

    We are both loving Better Call Saul too! Breaking bad was one of our all time favs as well. And it all clicked when the ‘s’all good man’ comment was made last episode. Yes! Brilliant! Can’t believe this didn’t occur to me earlier.

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