The Bachelor — Week 8


  • I can’t see them together. I definitely can’t picture her on a farm, but even if the farm wasn’t an issue, I still can’t see them together. They seem like friends.
  • I can’t imagine that Chris actually sees wife-potential in Kaitlyn. I’m wondering if maybe Chris kept her around until this week because she’s a little…”unique”?? Maybe he was curious how her off-camera “personality” would be??
  • Kaitlyn is totally a “roll the cob” kind of girl, which is important to Chris. But he has to know that she would never be able to hang with the other farm wives long-term.
  • When you are in a humid climate, it’s best to just keep your hair up. The frizzy, stringy look isn’t good on anyone.
  • They both agreed that they “deserve” a night in the fantasy suite together with lots of winks and nods? Deserve? I don’t get it.
  • Do people really kiss while they are sweaty? I would never makeout with Peter if either of us was sweaty. Ever. Not even when we were dating. Gross.


  • She had lots of confident things to say during their date, and Chris had a look on his face like, “Um. Ok. Keep smiling.” I kept wondering if he was really listening to her. I think he likes her best, but he wasn’t sending that message during their date.
  • I think Whitney is smarter than Chris to an extent that could cause issues in the future.
  • The conversation between Whitney and Chris about living in Arlington was the kind of conversation I wish he would have with each contestant on camera. I don’t know why they don’t show more of this type of interaction. Isn’t this what viewers would prefer to helicopter rides and sweaty hot tub scenes? I crave reality tv that has any resemblance to reality.
  • I think Whitney is sweet enough to fit in well in a small town, and I think she is smart enough to realize that she would have approach Arlington-life delicately. Kaitlyn would show up with her big personality and it wouldn’t end well. Whitney is a little more gentle.
  • Her shoes were way too much for Bali. She should have been in sandals. But her dress was cute.
  • I need to stop referring to Arlington as a “small town”. Arlington is way, way, way beyond small.


  • Becca is the prettiest girl left, but her shorts were stupid. They looked like Umbro shorts from 1995.
  • Becca’s hair actually isn’t that bad in the humidity. Lucky girl.
  • Zzzzzz. I’m bored.
  • I feel weird about the fact that Becca is so nervous about the virgin thing. Own it, girl. Her hesitation about it makes her seem like she has no self-respect. It makes me think that her virgin-status is more about opportunity than something that’s important to her. She needs to own that. Chris’s reaction was awesome; big sigh, raised eyebrows, bulging eyes, hesitant nod, “Alright. I’m glad that you…I know…it’s never easy to respond to that. Um…I respect that…in a lot of ways, and I would be lying if I said that it doesn’t…that it…surprises me.” Hahaha! Even Peter laughed out loud here.
  • Oh, Becca. “I could not have planned for his response to be any better. His response was perfect.” Um…Becca, it could have been a lot better. Was she listening to him or watching his body language? Apparently not. I guess you hear what you want to hear.


  • All three of the dates were just boring. He’s not having a good time, he’s not having a bad time, he’s not sad, he’s not happy, he’s…nothing. He doesn’t seem into any of them particularly, but he doesn’t seem not into them either. I don’t think he’s been this way all season. Yes, he’s not as charismatic as other bachelors have been, but he has shown signs of personality in the past, just not tonight. Maybe he really did feel a great amount of anxiety and stress all week.
  • The outfits at the rose ceremony were a bit much. I was sort of ok with the girls, then when they showed Chris I rolled my eyes, then when they showed Chris Harrison, it was just too much.
  • Kaitlyn looked like she was about to puke when Becca and Chris walked back into the rose ceremony together. Literally puke.
  • I actually felt really bad for Kaitlyn. She looked really hurt and disappointed. Her attempt to keep her emotions in check was respectable. I almost felt like stalker watching them say goodbye. I wanted her to have a moment to herself.
  • I’m surprised by her reaction. Did she really see herself marrying Chris and moving to Arlington? Or was her pride just hurt? Either way, she was truly upset.
  • I do not think Kaitlyn could be the Bachelorette.
  • Whitney could NOT wipe the smirk off her face.
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