The Bachelor — Week 7

  • Kelsey’s interview: Um. I’m not buying it.
  • Chris’s interview: I agree that Chris probably didn’t realize how low it was to throw Ashley under the bus, BUT I also don’t think he would have done that had it been Britt or Becca, or…just about anyone else. The whole interview with him was sort of annoying. It was just a recap of the season with like two snip-its of unseen moments. Stupid.
  • Andi’s interview: Why didn’t someone give her a tissue? Poor girl kept wiping her nose with her hand. Where was gentleman Chris Harrison on that one? Was Andi’s emotion real? Peter thinks it was real, but only because she’s brainwashed herself into believing her own bull. I’m unsure. And I don’t care.
  • Jade was very uncomfortable during the tour around the house, farm, and town. I felt bad seeing Chris feeling awkward about his home that he loves.
  • I love that the girls decided to road trip. Go ahead and pull up a google map and see how small and remote Arlington is. It’s small. And remote. Obvi these girls weren’t raised by an Idaho farm boy like I was. I’ve been to plenty of towns smaller than Arlington.
  • Carly’s honesty used to be refreshing and funny. Now it just feels judgmental. Peter likes it.
  • How often do you see a girl jump up onto a man and wrap her legs around him in public? Never. People don’t do that. Except on the Bachelor.
  • Whitney’s date > Jade’s date
  • Any girl who has no doubts about living in a town of 490 people is lying. Lying! No question about that. I totally understand falling in love and deciding to be ok with it, but having no doubts? That’s a lie. ESPECIALLY after actually seeing a town like that. I’ve seen it, people, and it isn’t pretty.
  • Ya, Britt is running for Bachelorette, and this is her moment to have a dramatic exit that leaves people loving her and feeling sad that she didn’t find love. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s going as well as she planned. She is just coming across as selfish, unkind and spoiled.
  • If Britt really wanted to say goodbye she wouldn’t have worn that adorable red dress and gotten completely dolled up. She would strapped on her high-tops and jogged over to his place to say goodbye. Girlfriend has an agenda.
  • Carly’s eyebrows are some of the worst I’ve seen. Bye.
  • The best part of the show was Britt pausing the rose ceremony and Chris chewing her out. I was proud of Chris for putting her in her place. Her sobs outside of the mansion were fake. This is a big game to her, but I sort of want her to be the Bachelorette. It would make for a fun season since she wouldn’t be there for the right reasons.
  • Becca’s red shirt was stupid.
  • Did you love seeing the IVF clinic after reading all about it?!
  • Whoa. Whitney pulled out all the stops! She’s a front runner and at this point I think she’s going to win.
  • Kaitlyn is so fun, I want to hang out with her. But she’s way too cool for me and definitely too cool for Iowa. Her billboard was pretty cute. I can’t believe this is the girl who got out of the limo telling dirty jokes.
  • I have lots of respect for divorced families who can still be together in the way Kaitlyn’s and Jade’s families were. Good for them.
  • Why does everyone care so much about Jade’s Playboy thing? Meh. Doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. Maybe the reason she went home was because he realized that he couldn’t get over the fact that she wore heels to the pool party. 🙂
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