The Bachelor — Week 6

  • Kelsey is nuts. She didn’t even try to make her panic attack stunt believable. It was totally transparent and obnoxious.
  • I used to think Jade was super hot, but she’s not THAT hot. Pretty, but not super hot. And I still haven’t forgiven her for wearing heels to the pool party a few weeks ago.
  • Britt rolled the waistband of her sweats! OMG love.
  • Peter pointed out that Becca’s mouth doesn’t move when she talks. Weird.
  • Becca seems like she would be ok living in Iowa. She doesn’t seem like a country girl, but she does seem like she could become one, she’s chill enough. They seemed like they really enjoyed each others’ company. I’m not sure if Chris was a little tipsy, but he seemed more relaxed and comfortable with Becca than he has been with anyone else. Their kiss seemed sort of meh, but sometimes a first kiss can be meh so I’m not judging them too much on this.
  • Best line of the night: “I get it. I’m blessed with eloquence and I’m articulate and I use a lot of big words because I’m smart.” Hahaha. Oh, Kelsey. I can’t handle the way she looks at everyone, including Chris and the producers. Condescending. Creepy.
  • Britt is running for Bachelorette. I actually think she might be a good Bachelorette since she is so bouncy and fluffy but she thinks she’s serious. Plus I love her punk style.
  • Jade and Big running down the street might have been the stupidest scene of the night. But seriously I hate dates like this. This is the kind of date that would have gotten me sent home because I would refuse to participate. Write a song? No. Never. It’s even awkward to watch! Kaitlyn’s song was the best one. It’s always a good move to make it silly rather than serious. Her potty mouth is funny to me, but I can’t picture it in Iowa.
  • Did Chris just say Britt’s song made him cry? Omg. Stop it.
  • Ok so Britt and Chris obviously have the most chemistry, but chemistry is not a good reason to date. They are fun to watch though, it’s like two puppies.
  • Kaitlyn cried! I think this is the first time we’ve seen her cry. Tough girl no more!
  • Ashley chose the perfect outfit to show off her belly ring. Let’s all remember a few weeks ago when she told Chris that her belly ring is a magic lamp and he gets three wishes if he rubs her tummy. I’m not sure he’s ever taken her up on that. Also, do people have dangley belly rings anymore? That seems sort of 1998.
  • Kelsey is obviously not right for him, but neither is Ashley. I think Chris actually has a difficult decision ahead of him on this date.
  • GASP! Pause, rewind, rewatch, pause, rewind, rewatch. The producers forced Chris to rat Ashley out, right? So rude of Chris! It just shows he doesn’t actually have any respect for his relationship with Ashley. I don’t think he would have done that to Britt. Either that or he’s just stupid and didn’t think about the ramifications for Ashley and all the other girls in the house once Kelsey knew they were all trying to throw her under the bus. Yikes. Kelsey’s fake shocked response was pretty smart, “Oh! I’m sorry…I’m hurt. I consider Ashley someone that I could be friends with.” Lie, lie, lie. Can’t he see that? This girl is great at playing the victim.
  • I hate Kelsey for saying that because Ashley wears a lot of makeup there is no way she can be genuine. That’s not fair and it’s downright mean. Shows her true colors. You’re not better than anyone, Kelsey.
  • I loved Kelsey’s, “I know what you did.” I think she was literally trying to cut Ashley with her eyes. Yes, I mean literally! Kelsey deserved the chance to confront her though, she wasn’t wrong for that. If I was Kelsey I would have done the same thing. Chris is the one at fault here! I applaud Ashley for standing up for herself and her intelligence! Shame on Kelsey for making people feel like she is smarter than they are!
  • Ashley was overly dramatic in her conversation with Chris (huuuuge turn off, very junior high), but I don’t blame her for going to him right away and being mad. I don’t understand how she can cry so much and still keep those lashes intact. It was awesome when she stormed off expecting Chris to follow her and he didn’t. Poor thing. I googled her and apparently she went to the Newhouse School at Syracuse University! See Kelsey, smart girls can look like Kardashians too!
  • Perfect ending! Moving on!
  • I watched Ashley on Jimmy Kimmel. She was very likable! I wish she had been that person on the show. Maybe she could be the next Bachelorette??
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One Response to The Bachelor — Week 6

  1. Lara says:

    Love your bachelor recaps. The season started so slow but it’s picking up the pace now. Britt totally has her eye on being the next bachelorette. I can’t wait to see her reaction when they visit Iowa and his itty bitty town.

    Ashley was normal on Jimmy Kimmel?? I have to find the clip and watch.

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