Seven thoughts

  1. I am going to try acupuncture. I’ve always been so curious about it, so I’m doing it. I was thrilled to see that the acupuncturist’s new patient paperwork was online! I filled it out, clicked submit, and voila! Why don’t all doctor office’s do this?? With as many new doctors as I see since we move so much, I have a serious hate for new patient paperwork.
  2. The Parenthood finale was good. I was pleased with how it all worked out.
  3. My fertility doctor has a no child policy. But I’m there so much and pay them so much money, I feel like I’m above this rule. I take Henry from time to time if the type of appointment allows (like, if my legs aren’t in stirrups so I can control him if needs be). Once he was being unbelievably adorable in the waiting room and a woman watching him burst into tears and ran out. I felt really bad.
  4. The latest development on The Mindy Project…Hmmmm. Not sure about that. Isn’t there any other storyline that sitcoms can come up with?
  5. Red Velvet Oreos were exactly as I expected. It tasted like a regular oreo with a slightly less chocolatey flavor (obvi), with a chemical tasting cream cheese flavored filling. Like most flavored Oreos, they were fine, but didn’t top the classic Oreo.
  6. I think Master Chef Junior is one of my favorite shows. It’s the cutest.
  7. I just went through Henry’s closet. He has basically no regular clothes for summer, but he has at least 15 church outfits. Um…oops.
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One Response to Seven thoughts

  1. anna says:

    My dear friend went through all sorts of fertility with her first child and is doing even more for the second. She told me she will never bring her daughter to her fertility appointments because before she had a kid, she would get super angry when she saw people in there with kids. Ha ha. It’s good to be sensitive to others, but I’m a big believer that you can’t let someone else’s success/happiness contribute to your sadness/frustration/bitterness. It’s just too miserable to live that way.

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