Six thoughts

  1. I love Snappers. I wish they were a tiny bit softer and that they were bite sized, but they are delicious.
  2. I love conversation hearts, but only Brach’s and they have to be soft.
  3. When we moved to Texas we knew we’d be here for 1-2 years, but didn’t know if we would stay beyond that. We are officially staying another few years. Now that we know we’re staying, we are considering buying a house. I feel like it’s an impossible task and I’m dreading it. Also, so many of the houses around here look the same and they have yards the size of postage stamps.
  4. I love CPK frozen BBQ pizzas.
  5. Henry’s best friend moved a few weeks ago and he’s been asking about him multiple times a day since then. It’s really sad.
  6. Last night we ate dinner at the table for the first time ever! Henry is getting old enough now that I think we need to make it a more regular thing, which I hate because I HATE making dinner. Hate, hate, hate.
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One Response to Six thoughts

  1. Paige says:

    Regarding #3, YAY! Though I totally know how you feel about the houses all looking the same (and many of them ugly) and the postage stamp sized yards. We saw so many terrible options while house hunting but thankfully finally found one we liked (though it still has a stupidly small yard). I hope y’all find just the right house for y’all! Come to think of it…one down the street from us is for sale… 🙂

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