The Bachelor — Week 4

    • “For me, like, if a guy is driving it’s, like, one of the sexiest things they can do.” – Ashley I.
    • Lake water = disgusting. I’m totally not a “roll the cob” kinda girl.
    • I completely love Jillian’s black box. Hilarious.
    • If there was a chance that Chris’s sisters would be showing up, wouldn’t you at least comb your hair?
    • Kelsey’s honesty is so refreshing. I’m with you, girl. Looks like my worst day too.
    • There can’t be anything more desperate than putting up a tent in your itsy bitsy bikini.
    • I’m glad we are finally seeing more of Jade! She is definitely one of the more naturally beautiful girls in the house. Jade seems so sweet, but I just can’t get over the fact that she wore those stupid heels to the pool party last week. Their chemistry did seem pretty real, I think she might be a front runner now.
    • Kaitlyn seems like a party (in a good way). I just can’t get over her teeth, tattoos and dirty jokes. But she sure can roll the cob!
    • Ashley S. one of the more entertaining girls they’ve had in a several seasons. I love you??? Hahaha. “I hope that really resonates in your mind tonight.”
    • Oh my gosh Ashley I. needs to stop. Watching them kiss is sicking me out. She is gah. Waking a guy up in the middle of the night to set him straight about “the real you” is ridiculous and embarrassing. She’s hot, but it seems she’s lacking some communication skills. And some other social skills. But she does have her eye on the prize! Although if the prize was a donkey I think she’d be trying just as hard. I think to her Chris is interchangeable with just about anything/anyone.
    • “When Jillian’s talking I become very confused because the words come out much faster than my mind can process. Occasionally as Jillian’s words begin to flow over my head I begin to think of unicorns and dancing fairies. It’s quite beautiful.” – Chris
    • Jillian is a typical gym rat. Is there such thing as a person who loves to work out who doesn’t love to talk about working out? Glad she’s gone.
    • I really feel for Chris that he’s not great at getting his thoughts out. He’s often put in situations where thinking on your feet would be helpful. But that’s not him, and that is ok, but I think it embarrasses him.
    • Why is Carly still here? A cruise ship singer??? No.
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