Henry’s Birthday Party

We finished Henry’s birthday month with a super fun race car birthday party! Grandma Munk even flew in last minute to join the party fun. Henry had THE BEST DAY EVER. We had 50 people in our house, and 20 of them were under the age of about six. When Henry came in and saw his party all put together his whole face lit up and he didn’t stop grinning for the rest of the day.

henrysbirthday1FOOD: gogo squeez applesauce, raisins, string cheese, fruit snacks, goldfish, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, veggie plate, hummus, ranch dressing, fruit skewers

DRINKS: diet coke, water, juice boxes

TREATS: chocolate cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting, homemade oreos, dark chocolate sugar cookies with dark chocolate frosting, lemonheads, swedish fish, licorice, m&ms, orange slices

henrysbirthday2ACTIVITIES: We ate, sang happy birthday, opened presents, and played with cars. We set up Cars on the tv downstairs in the playroom and the kids spent much of the time down there playing and watching the movie.

DECOR: gold trophies, mini orange cones, big traffic cones, stoplight lamps, cupcake stand tires (actual lawn mower tires), big checkered flags, small plastic checkered flags, checkered pennant banners, welcome sign, hotwheels playmat, racetrack runners up the stairs, dozens of balloons, hotwheels cars for favors, pitcrew sign, hubcaps (some purchased and some I picked up off the side of the road), happy birthday banner


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