The Bachelor — Week 3

  • My mom is here in Texas so she watched this week’s episode with me. It was her first time ever watching The Bachelor. It was so fun.
  • Jimmy Kimmel’s addition to the show was a lot less fun/funny than I had hoped. I missed Chris Harrison.
  • Mom says Chris “looks creepy”
  • Chris seemed annoyed during the Costco date. Like he was physically pulling himself away from her the whole day. The kiss in the bubble at Costco was awkward. Chris and Kaitlyn are a no-go. Watching them kiss was like, “um, ok, move on.”
  • Chris didn’t seem to like Jimmy. He seemed uncomfortable the whole night and all he did was giggle. The only funny part was when Chris was giving the rose speech to Kaitlyn and Jimmy made fun of him. I was waiting for the three of them to get in the hot tub together. I’m so glad that happened.
  • Jillian working out = we get it
  • I HATE dates where the girls have a competition and the Bachelor sits around judging them. Gross. Gross. Gross.
  • Carley’s hair extensions and eyebrows are bad. Chris was not into their kiss on any level.
  • Making your own music and slow dancing…omg stupid. If some guy wanted to fake dance with me, that would be our last interaction. Like, whoa.
  • Ouch. Mackenzie thinks she got the first kiss. Sad. And asking Chris about it was totally ridiculous, awkward and embarrassing. Has she seen the show? Was she drunk? And the way she recounts every convo she has with Chris to the other girls really shows her age. I think it’s time for Miss 21 to get back to her son, Kale. Also…KALE??
  • Why is there always a girl who makes a no kissing rule? Rolling my eyes. It’s pathetic and desperate for attention.
  • Chris is a sort of an idiot! I didn’t really realize that until this episode. I was looking forward to watching him this season, but as time goes on I’m just not into him. He’s made some really stupid decisions. I get that the show probably makes him keep certain people, but it just seems like too many weirdos are still there to be because of the producers. Long live Bachelor Brad!
  • Whitney seems a lot more together than most the other girls. Maybe I just like her because I have a giant soft spot for fertility nurses? Yes, her voice is annoying, but it’s actually not bad ALL the time, so maybe she can control it/tone it down?
  • Juelia won’t be here too long. Her story breaks my heart, but I don’t see it with them.
  • Jade wore heels to the pool party. No. No. No. I will not get over that. I don’t care that she’s probably the hottest girl there.
  • Ashley I. is also super hot but…come on, girl. Come on. She’s way too much. There is no way that girl can hang on a farm. NO. WAY.
  • “Of course. Now they kiss because we don’t know what else to say.” –Mom, during every kiss.
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One Response to The Bachelor — Week 3

  1. Jamie says:

    Agree with all points!

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