The Bachelor — Week 2

For Peter’s work pool this season we picked Kelsey, Tandra and Whitney as “keepers” and Carly as the “loser”.

A few thought from WEEK 1:

  • I have a feeling Chris kept gross, drunk Tara around because the show made him. He sort of explained it away as if he understood that there is a lot of pressure on the first night and people can therefore get out of control. Um…no. Life is full of pressure. Don’t be gross. I did love that she showed up in casual clothes and I was excited about her, too bad she turned out to be a skank.
  • Speaking of skank, Kaitlyn is gross too. The crude jokes were classless, but her bad teeth and tattoos pushed her over the top. Blah. Glad he kept her, they always need some crazy.
  • Britt! So smiley it’s obnoxious. I do have to say that Chris and Britt seemed like they already knew each other, their chemistry was visible. For some reason I don’t see her in the final two, but I do think she’ll be around for awhile. It’s not very often there is kissing going on the first night, so that is fun. Let’s hope that makes everyone hate Britt and we see some major jealous cat fights. But I have a feeling she’s too sweet for that.
  • Can you even imagine how awful it would be to be married to a cruise ship singer? That might be my worst nightmare. Let’s say goodbye to Carly!
  • Jillian: Blah. Can’t stand this type. Giant muscles that she’s obsessed with and a competitive spirit are two giant turn offs.
  • Are we surprised that Michelle the Mormon girl that was 25 with two kids got sent home the first night? Nope. Poor thing.
  • The other Utah girl is Tandra, who I like! I have some insider information on Tandra. My friend knows her and says she LOVES Celine Dion. Like, LOVES. Loves, loves, loves. So hilarious, I hope we see lots more of her.


  • I’m glad that Chris gave Kimberly another shot. I like it when they make out of the box decisions, and Kimberly is super hot. Not sure why all the girls were so mad. It was the first night. But in true Bachelor contestant style, they feel like everything should be fair all the time. Stupid.
  • The girls walking down the street in bikinis was a little obnoxious. Could they not have thrown on some shorts? Too much, abc.
  • MacKenzie: Let’s remember that this girl didn’t know what alfalfa was on the first night. Then when Chris tried to explain she said, “Oh! Is it organic?” She’s either a little ditzy or just really young. She is 21, after all. She really showed her age again on their one-on-one tonight. Too giggly and silly. Also, I can’t imagine a world where I was nervous to tell a date about Henry. It was as if she was ashamed. I was pretty surprised that Chris gave her the rose. He’s way too old for her, and I don’t mean just his age. She showed her age AGAIN when she recounted the date to the girls later in the house.
  • “The butterflies in my stomach are just colorful and smiling and just fluttering all over the place.” -Megan
  • Megan seems like she could hang on the farm. She seems like a regular girl. I wonder if Chris was regretting giving a rose to little girl MacKenzie after his date with adult Megan.
  • Ashley S. is my favorite. Her crazy is more than just alcohol. She is actually crazy. Like, for real. I was laughing out loud at her. So funny.
  • Jordan. She is a student, and I’m willing to bet she still lives in a sorority house.
  • “Ashley has moments of saying, like, really intelligent things and then it kind of drifts off to something I don’t understand.” -Chris, very sincerely
  • Kaitlyn actually started to grow on me this week, but I still really hate her teeth.
  • Wait. Ashley I. has never had a boyfriend? How does that happen to a hot, smart 26 year old? The three wishes on the belly button ring was just ridiculous. Maybe that is why she’s never had a boyfriend? Oh snap! They just started kissing. I’m grossed out. Oh man. Make it stop. Make it stop. AGH. Ok now we know why she’s never had a boyfriend.
  • I like Britt. But please let’s never see her give away free hugs on the street ever again.
  • Bye, bye to Tara, Alissa, Jordan, Tandra, Kimberly. I’m disappointed about Tandra!
  • I wish I had Tara’s phone number so I could call her and tell her why Chris sent her home. Girl needs a lesson on how to catch a man. Rule #1: Don’t be gross.
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