Six thoughts

  1. I hate having to have my medical records transferred. It’s such a giant pain. I wish I could just give verbal consent over the phone to have them transferred. Why isn’t there just one giant database that doctors can pull from after I give them consent? And why the heck are we still faxing? It’s 2014!
  2. I want to blog about the Bachelor this season, but I can’t seem to find time to do it! I still haven’t posted about Pie Night and Henry’s second birthday! I need three more hours in my days. Or four.
  3. Peter’s company had Chris Harrison make a surprise appearance at their holiday party. I am SO MAD we didn’t go! How awesome would it have been to meet him? I mean seriously, I hate myself.
  4. Henry hates nursery at church. He used to love it, but one Sunday he completely freaked, apparently for no reason. I thought it was just a weird phase, but it’s been months and he won’t go back. I don’t mind. He doesn’t have to go if he doesn’t want to. I am just surprised that he would rather sit quietly in primary with me than eat snacks, and play with his friends and toys in nursery.
  5. I’m so happy it’s awards season. There were some good wins tonight at the Golden Globes. I was super surprised that Gina Rodriguez won over Edie Falco and Julia Louise-Dreyfus, but she looked really good. Katie Holmes needs shorter hair. JLo needs to have more age-appropriate hair/makeup. Tina Fey’s black and white dress was terrible. Amy Poehler looks better than she has in several years. Reese Witherspoon looked really fresh and pretty. George Clooney’s wife’s gloves were stupid. Naomi Watts looked good.
  6. Fashion Police starts again this week! Yay!
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2 Responses to Six thoughts

  1. Lesli says:

    Adam when through a phase where he didn’t want to go to Nursery, even though he hated it, he still had to attend, we were too busy with our callings and Isaac to let Adam tag along. Its rough being a middle child.
    Natalie always hated nursery until we moved to Colorado. I can’t remember what Brent’s calling was but he was able attend with her every week for a year, she still hated it. It was very chaotic once we moved it was extremely structured, it was a great blessing.

  2. Paige C says:

    Ok, regarding #5, AGREED on everything but George Clooney’s wife’s gloves. How could you not love those? They were so glamorous! I swooned. But maybe that’s just the child in me that always wanted the long gloves and the ball gowns when playing dress up. šŸ™‚

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