Seven thoughts

  1. I made these gingerbread maple muffins. Since muffins are basically cupcakes I topped my muffins with cinnamon buttercream frosting. They were tasty, but nothing amazing.
  2. Christmas tree lights are the worst. Is it just because I have the cheap target brand, or are all Christmas lights annoying? And those guns that test lights are not always effective.
  3. Henry loves all things Christmas. It’s the best.
  4. I’m in season 7 of Gilmore Girls and I really like it! I hate Logan. I love Luke. I hate Christopher. I am tired of Rory’s bad decisions. And Loreli’s bad decisions. But I like it!
  5. I’m a night showerer! I never really understood how people could shower at night, but when I got my elliptical a few months ago I had little choice. It changed my life! I’m fully converted.
  6. My stylist friend who had been coloring my hair moved. Sad. But she convinced me I could do it myself and I DID! I COLORED MY OWN HAIR! I know, crazy. I think the only time I colored my own hair was once in high school with my friend Liz F. I think it was pink or purple or something. So anyway, my friend told me what to buy, I went to Sally’s and spent $30 on supplies and I did it. I’ve done it twice now. The second time only cost me $6! As long as I stick with one color, I will save SO much money!
  7. I started cutting Henry’s hair! I bought clippers and scissors for about $25. Now I cut his hair every 2-3 weeks. It’s so nice not to have to stretch time between haircuts for him, he can look spiffy all the time. I’m not great at it, but luckily his hair is curly and very forgiving when it comes to choppy spots. I can’t believe I spent $23 every 8-12 weeks on his hair for almost two years. I’m an idiot.
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