Eighteen tv thoughts

  1. I’m slightly embarrassed to say that Impractical Jokers and The Carbonaro Effect make me laugh out loud.
  2. No surprise that Selfie, A to Z, Manhattan Love Story and Bad Judge have been cancelled.
  3. 90 Day Fiance: I’m so sad for Danielle. Mohamad is totally playing her. It’s sad.
  4. Euros of Hollywood: Excellent new reality show. Makes me laugh out loud. It’s so ridiculous.
  5. I think How to Get Away with Murder is one of my favorite new shows.
  6. Benched: Actually pretty funny!
  7. Mandy Moore on The Red Band Society?? Weird, but I like it. I barely recognized her and Peter didn’t recognize her at all.
  8. Last season we loved Brooklyn Nine Nine, but this season isn’t quite as funny. I think they are trying too hard. I did like to see Eva Longoria on last week though.
  9. I didn’t like any of the new girls on RHONJ this season. Amber’s husband is the worst. I can’t even watch him. Teresa looked like she wanted to throw up through the whole reunion. I wish I new if it was an act or if she is really that upset.
  10. I hate that Anna Gunn is on Gracepoint. I want to like it, but I’m pretty bored. There are at least three episodes piled up on my DVR.
  11. Aaron from Top Chef looks just like Adam Pally.
  12. House of DVF: The Mormon isn’t going to last long.
  13. Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons: I love Scott, he is funny. But poor Kourtney is trapped with him. Makes me sad. And Khloe’s boyfriend is stupid, right? Like, actually stupid?? They’ve since broken up…no surprise there.
  14. My Five Wives: Why are the wives SO awkward around each other? They are always nervous giggling. They act like high school girls who like the same boy. And when the dad took the little boy to the doctor that kid was NOT strapped in properly.
  15. Parenthood: Joel and what’s-her-name need to get back together. I don’t get when people are super depressed about their divorce and still going through with it. If you don’t want to let him go, don’t. Why isn’t it that simple? Amber plays the worst pregnant person ever. Urber waddle and always holding her belly as if it might fall off.
  16. Snookie and JWoww: I want to like, but I’m over it. It’s just one stupid thing after the other and it’s not funny anymore.
  17. The Goldbergs: Still the funniest show on tv. I’m still obsessed with the mom and want to be just like her.
  18. Vanderpump Rules: Based on episode one it looks like this season will be an exact repeat of last season. Boring. Get some new material, people.
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