Five thoughts

  1. I’ve always wondered if it would really work to freeze a frosted cookie. It does! I had leftover oreos from Henry’s birthday party so I froze some and they thawed out just fine. Awesome!
  2. I wish my mom lived next door to me. She has been here twice in the past six months and it’s so nice to have her here.
  3. I think my Pie Night menu is pretty much complete. Just about every new recipe that I’m using this year are from First Prize Pies and The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book. Both books are fantastic.
  4. Henry is growing out of clothes left and right. It’s making me crazy to pack away clothes he barely wore, and especially stuff with tags still on. I’m so torn about what to do with all his old clothes. Sell? Keep?
  5. This morning Henry fell out of the car door right on his face. He has a giant bruise on his forehead. Things like this rarely happen to Henry, but it happened today, two days before family pictures. Boo.
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2 Responses to Five thoughts

  1. Lesli says:

    Sell. At least sell some of it. You love to shop, you’d want to buy mostly new stuff anyway.

  2. Paige says:

    Ooo, glad to hear that you like the Four and Twenty Blackbirds cookbook! We bought it for Clayton’s mom last Christmas and were hoping it was good (the recipes sure sounded amazing)!

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