Twelve tv thoughts

  1. Manzo’d With Children: Stupid. I have always liked Caroline, but this show is too much. They are trying too hard. I love that Albie has a life coach though.
  2. Teen Mom: It’s coming back?! I love and hate this. I really wish Farrah was going to be on the show.
  3. Chrisley Knows Best: I like this show, even though I think they are all trying too hard. Last season was all about their new store, and they haven’t mentioned it once this season. I guess it crashed and burned?
  4. Shows I quit: Scorpion, Gotham, Witches of East End, Madam Secretary, The Blacklist (Peter is still watching this)
  5. Jimmy Kimmel Live: I have only recently started watching this, but I hate myself for not starting it sooner. It makes me laugh out loud all the time. Everything with Sal is funny.
  6. RHONJ: I am dying to know if Teresa ends up doing time. Will she be like every other celebrity and be released after like 72 hours? I don’t like the twins, they were a bad addition to the show.
  7. Top Chef: This is my first season watching Top Chef and I like it! I started it because it’s in Boston this year, so that makes it extra fun to watch.
  8. Jane the Virgin: This is actually pretty cute. It’s one of the better new shows this year.
  9. Bad Judge: This is terrible.
  10. Parenthood: This is the worst season yet. They should have ended it last season.
  11. Nashville: STOP. Nashville is beyond stupid. Disappointing. But I’m still watching.
  12. Marry Me: Funny, but it’s annoying to me that Casey Wilson is the same character she was in Happy Endings.
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1 Response to Twelve tv thoughts

  1. Paige says:

    We’re watching Top Chef this season because of Boston too! I love seeing all the familiar places around town! Though it makes me miss Boston even more!

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