Eight thoughts

  1. I hate when websites have a contact form instead of just listing their email address. I hate it even worse when their email address is a link that opens up Mail. It’s 2014! Stop with the stupid links!
  2. I bought some Naked BB Cream. I don’t love it and won’t be buying it again. My sister loves it, so it must be good for certain skin types, just not mine. Disappointing.
  3. I hate Texas so much right now I want to die. Why is it still HOT???
  4. We are in full party planning mode around here. It’s almost Henry’s birthday!
  5. I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I’ve never seen the series, just episodes here and there. People looooove Gilmore Girls, but I can’t really get into it. Lorelai Gilmore gets on my nerves. I don’t love her in Parenthood either. She’s basically the same character, right?
  6. Speaking of Netflix, I am totally thrilled about Friends coming to Netflix!
  7. Peter’s parents came for a visit this past weekend. It was so fun to have them.
  8. Why can’t I get to bed before 1am? Gah. I hate myself every night.
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1 Response to Eight thoughts

  1. Heather says:

    5. YES! They are the EXACT SAME PERSON.
    6. What?! I have been waiting for this forever.
    8. Whenever Sam is out of town I stay up way too late. If Sam had Peter’s job, I’d be in trouble.

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