Six thoughts

  1. Trisha Yearwood has a cooking show?! How did I not know this? I’ve been watching and Garth makes appearances from time to time. It’s not a great show, but it’s TRISHA AND GARTH! How can I not watch? Remember when Garth went through his Chris Gaines phase? That was weird.
  2. I don’t like Denzel Washington.
  3. I hate facebook right now. The amount of crap on there is pretty much impossible to keep at a reasonable level. I keep my friend list as small and I unfriend/unfollow poeple all the time, but there is still so much stuff I don’t care about. It’s becoming a chore.
  4. I’m losing my mind a little more each day. The other day I saw a picture of a guy on facebook that I used to know really well, but I didn’t really recognize his name and I didn’t recognize his face at all. This is not only someone I hung out with (often!) all through junior high and high school and then occasionally in college, but we dated! A LOT! I couldn’t remember his face at all. WHAT??? How does that just get erased from my brain???
  5. Henry is so cute and sweet. He kills me.
  6. I tend to like the buzzfeed lists, they are funny. This one about Friends was one of my favorites. I will love Friends forever.
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