Seven tv thoughts

  1. Single Project: I almost quit because this was pretty boring. Kerry is terrible. Why is that guy still dating her after she bashed his career choice? Also, she’s not as cute as she thinks she is. And the dentist is acting for the cameras, right?
  2. Witches of East End: This is how desperate I’ve been for something new since nothing is on right now. Actually, it’s not too bad! It’s not good, but I think it might be the best Lifetime show I’ve ever seen.
  3. Red Band Society: This was pretty cute.
  4. The Mysteries of Laura: This looked terrible, but it’s actually not as bad as I thought. It’s not good, but not horrible.
  5. Madam Secretary: Pretty good. Remember when Tea Leoni was Jane on Fun with Dick and Jane and her face swelled up when she did that makeup testing thing? I could barely watch this show without thinking of that.
  6. Jersey Belle: They are trying way too hard with this. It’s driving me crazy that Jaime is so obsessed with Danielle’s infertility. Danielle is very sweet about it, but I bet she wants to punch her in the face. And the baby mama in New Orleans? Come on.
  7. Teen Mom 2: My heart is so broken for Jace. Seriously, how do the camera men stand it? They need to call CPS.
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