Five thoughts

  1. Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray is my new favorite thing. I’ve never really been a fan of makeup setting spray. It always seems like such a waste of money and sort of a scam. I got a sample of this stuff and I really love it. It actually makes my makeup stay put! I also like the dewy finish it gives.
  2. I’ve always liked Kelly Osbourne’s hair, but I’m starting to wonder how long it will be her thing. Like, forever?
  3. Peter hates Michelle Money. I love her. Everything she does is so ridiculous that it makes me laugh. She’s pure entertainment. I love Kim Kardashian for the same reasons. People have such hate for her and it only makes me like her more.
  4. Fall tv starts soon! Can’t wait!
  5. Sometimes I see CDs at the store for sale. Why???? Do they just have them their for marketing purposes or are there people out there who are still buying CDs?
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